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Yoga Nidra Chakra Healing Meditation Script

If you are interested in hearing this Yoga Nidra email me at and I will dropbox you a recording. If something is in parantheses it should not be read 


 (Setting Up):  If you have a cell phone make sure it is off.

Prepare for the practice of Yoga Nidra by lying on your back in Shavasana – if this is not comfortable put a pillow under your head or if back hurts bend knees or put pillow or blanket under knees, lying on side if you are pregnant, Sitting in a chair, on the floor back to the wall. You might want a blanket because the body temperature tends to drop in Yoga Nidra. Also put a blanket under any area that is sensitive. Try to be aligned, symmetrical from feet to head. Feel your spine aligned. In shavansasana, arms away from sides palm up or down.  If anything is on you tight like glasses or a wrist watch you can take it off.  Eyes should be closed to avoid visual distraction. .  Say to yourself mentally “I am practicing Yoga Nidra for the chakras. . . I will stay awake for Yoga Nidra for the chakras”

(Relaxation): Take a full breath in with the exhalation think letting go. Do this atleast 2 more times…. Become aware of the body relaxing. Feel supported across the whole body. Feel the feet supported, Feel arms and hands supported, feel the legs supported, feel the shoulders and head supported. Feel every place where the body is supported and allow yourself to release more deeply.

 Let go of all effort of holding the body.  For a short time notice the rhythm of the breath. Now, extend the awareness outward listening for sounds in all directions.

Be aware of distant sounds.  . . sounds outside the room . . . sounds inside the room . .. sounds of the body… Become aware of the sound of your breath.

In Yoga Nidra, it is best if the body remains still.  If you become uncomfortable you may move but come back to stillness as soon as you can.  Say to yourself mentally “I will remain still for Yoga Nidra.” (pause)

It is time for the Sankalpa.  A sankalpa is  a short positive statement in the present or future tense. It is a resolve, intention affirmation. Repeat the sankalpa 3 times with the exact same wording and full attention.  If you do not have yet have a sankalpa use the resolve “I will find the right sankalpa for me” Repeat your resolve 3 x each time with same wording.

(STAGE 3 - Rotation of Consciousness): Moving on to the rotation of consciousness through the body.  The body remains motionless. When a part of the body is named either repeat the name of the body part in mentally, bring awareness to the part of the body, or visualize the body part. We will begin on the right hand side body.

Right hand thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky finger, right palm, back of the hand, wrist, lower arm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, arm pit, right waist, the right hip, the right thigh, the right kneecap, the right lower leg, the right ankle, the right heel,the right instep, the right sole of the foot, top of the foot, the right big toe, 2nd toe, third toe, fourth toe, fifth toe

Bring awareness to the left side of the body starting with the left thumb. Left hand thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky finger, left palm, back of the hand, wrist, lower arm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, arm pit, left waist, the left hip, the left thigh, the left kneecap, the left lower leg, the left ankle, the left heel, left instep, the left sole of the foot, top of the foot, the left big toe, 2nd toe, third toe, fourth toe, left 5th toe. Stay awake.

Bring awareness to the top of the head, the forehead, both sides of the head, right temple, left temple, the right eyebrow, the left eyebrow, eyebrow center, the right eyelid, the left eyelid, the right eye, the left eye, the right ear, the left ear, the top of the nose, the right nostril, the left nostril,  the right cheek, the left cheek, the upper lip, the lower lip, teeth, tongue, jaw, front of the neck, right collar bone, left collar bone, the hallow between the collar bones, right chest, left chest, center of chest, upper  abdomen, navel, lower abdomen, pelvis, buttocks, lower back, middle back, upper back, right shoulder blade, left shoulder blade, the whole spine, back of the head, top of the head.


Now Pass through the Chakras

Crown of the Head
Eye brow Center
Base of the Spine
Base of the Spine
Eyebrow Center
Crown of the Head
Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg
The Whole Front of the Body, The whole back of the body
All the Chakras together
The whole body together

(STAGE 4 - Breath Awareness)
Exhale as though you are breathing from the top of the head down at the crown chakra to  the base of the spine at the root chakra Imagine that the breath is flowing along the spinaI cord in a milky white stream from the base of the spine to the top of the head.
from 27 to 0 with awareness moving from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head
Inhaling 27 – root to crown, Exhaling 27 crown to root, 26, 25
Inhale as though you are breathing from the base of the spine, up to the top of the head.(pause)
If the count is lost start again again at 27 (pause)
If the count reaches zero start again at 27 (pause)
Stay with the counting (pause)
Stay with awareness of the breath moving from root to crown and crown to root (pause)
Stay awake and aware  (pause)
Now let go of the counting and let go of awareness of the breath from root to crown and crown to root
and come back to natural breathing

Bring awareness to the spinal column.
Feel only the spinal column and no other part of the body
Imagine the spinal column very heavy
the coccyx center is heavy, the sacrum is heavy, the solar plexuses are heavy, the heart is heavy, throat is heavy, the  third eye is heavy the crown of the head heavy is heavy. The whole spine is heavy the whole spinal column is heavy as if were made of lead

imagine the spinal column light the crown of the head is light, the third eye is light, the throat is light, the heart is light, the solar plexuses are light, the sacrum is light, the coccyx is light.  The spinal column is light as if it could rise above the floor light a feather.  The whole spine is light

 Awaken the feeling of cold
Concentrate on your spinal cord and develop the feeling of coldness and shivering
Concentrate on the breath in your left nostril and develop the feeling of cold in the whole body
Every breath you take makes the body cooler and cooler
Concentrate on the left nostril and the left breath
With every breath you take into the body experience the cold
Concentrate on the visuddha chakra in the neck – it is the seat of the cold experience
Concentrate on throat chakra

Concentrate on the heat surrounding the body
Develop the manifestation of heat in the body
Concentrate on becoming enveloped in an atmosphere of heat throughout the body from head to toes, permeating the entire body
Concentrate on the breath in the right nostril
And with each inhaled breath, increase the feeling of heat in the whole body from head to toe
Develop the feeling of heat in the body by concentrating on manipura chakra in the navel area
From this center you can produce heat and distribute it throughout the body
Generation of heat in manipura, the navel center and in the right nostril
Concentrate on the heat you created around the body


Discover the psychic center of the chakras

Feel the positions of the chakra as if they were being touched gently by a feather

1) Muladhara, the Root Chakra at the Coccyx, base on the spine, here is the root of all growth and awareness. Muladhara means base support.
2) Swadisthana, The Sacral Chakra at the Sacrum. Swadisthana means dwelling place of the self. This chakra is associated with feelings, emotions, desires and the imagination.
3) Manipura, the Lumbar Chakra behind the navel at the solar plexuses. Manipura means dwelling place of jewels or gems. In this place we find the pearls of clarity, wisdom, self-confidence and well being.
4) Anahata, the Dorsal Chakra behind the heart. Anahata means unstruck, unhurt or unbeaten. The Heart Chakra is revered as a center of devotion and transformation.
5) Visuddha, the Cervical Chakra behind the throat. Visuddjha means especially pure. Meditation on this chakra brings calmness, serenity, purity, the command of speech.
6) ajna, the Spiritual third eye Chakra behind the eyebrow center. Ajna means command. It is the eye of intuition and intellect, the mind’s eye.
7) Sahasrara at the crown chakra 6” above the head. Sahasrara means 1000 petaled lotus. The sahasrara chakra symbolizes detachment from illusions. Crossing the sahasrara chakra takes the yogi beyond worldly desires and gives him or her authority over the lements. Whatever he or she wants happens.
Now again
7) Sahasrara above the head.
6) Ajna behind the eyebrow center.
5) Visuddha at the throat.
4) Anahata behind the heart
3) Manipura behind the navel
2) Swadisthana at the sacrum
1) Muladhara at the base of the spine

Again feel each chakra is it is named
1) Base of the spine, 2) Sacrum, 3) navel center 4) heart, 5)throat, 6) eyebrow center, 7) 6” above the head

Bring attention to the chiddakasha the mind space
Concentrate on the symbol of each chakra
1) Inverted red triangle  at the base of the spine (x 2)
2) Orange Ocean waves at sunset at the sacrum (x 2)
3) Bright yellow sunflower at the solar plexuses (x2)
4) A Candle Flame at the heart
5) Drops of honey at throat  (x 2)
6) Crescent moon  at the eye center (x2)
7) A ritual fire 6”  above the head (x2)
Now visualize the simple images that will be suggested
Inverted red triangle … inverted red triangle
Ocean waves at sunset… ocean waves sunset
Bright yellow Sunflower… bright yellow sunflower
A candle flame … a candle flame
Drops of honey…drops of honey
Crescent moon… crescent moon
Bond fire… bond fire
Come back to eye brow center, the chiddakasha, the mind space infront of the closed eyes
Bring your awareness to chidakasha
Concentrate on yourself seated in meditation with your eyes closed
You are seated in a mediation and there is someone seated in front of you, an important person
This is an important event in your life
You are sitting in meditation and this person is sitting in meditation
Your eyebrow center and the person’s eyebrow center are one
Both of you are breathing through the eyebrow center
When you breath out you touch the person’s eyebrow center
And when the other person’s breathes out they touch your eyebrow center
A link is established
Now let go of the visualization
And  let go of chidakasha
And come back to the heart beat
In your heart beat hear your Sankalpa

(STAGE 7 - Sankalpa): Now it is time to repeat your resolve, your sankalpa.  The same resolve you made at the beginning of the practice with the same wording. Repeat it mentally 3 times with faith it will come true.  And say simply, say, as you did in the beginning “I will find the right Sankalpa for me”

(STAGE 8 - Externalization) 
Become aware of your own breathing. Listen for sounds in this room, sounds outside this room. Find the furthest sound that you can hear. Start to remember this room: the walls… the ceiling… the floor.  Remember your place in this room.  Remember what’s in this room with you…  Become aware of your body lying on the floor, (or sitting on the chair, or against the wall)… Notice the weight of your body and all the points where your body is supported…. Extend your attention through your entire body…  Become aware of your entire body from you head to your finger tips…. Become aware of your body extending from your head to your toes…  Be aware of your breath… Become aware of the entire physically body and the breath inside your body…. Consciously make your breath deeper and full… Make your breath deeper. … Inhaling and Exhaling deeply… Make your breath very full…. Keep your eyes closed. Say to yourself mentally “The practice of Yoga Nidra is now complete.”…. Start moving your body and stretching. Making your movements larger and larger. Inhale your arms over your head. Remembering to be mindful of what’s near you.  Stretch (3) Yawn. Gently roll to a side. (long pause) Open your eyes. Slowly push up to a seated position fully alert and ready to go on with the rest of your evening.  Namaste.


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