Sunday, April 26, 2015

Creativity Coaching - Lesson 11

1. Ask for something you want.

I want the discipline and the time to work on my creative projects.

2. How do anger, envy, disappointment, and similar feeling color the way you communicate.

Anger makes my communication harsh and irrational. When I get angry I start to shake and my genetic tremor becomes with large.   Finally, I become upset with myself for losing my cool and becoming angry and then I start to punish myself with thoughts about lack of self worth. In the end my self esteem becomes very low.

Envy makes me small minded and sullen and my communication becomes inauthentic. Envy also brings out the martyr in me. I question why someone got something I didn't.  Then I go through a laundry lost of all my faults and become depressed.

Disappointment makes me sad and isolated and leads to lack of communication with me just wanting to hide myself or roll up in a ball. Disappointment can lead to depression. It can also stifle my voice and make me not want to try anymore.  When I get disappointed I lose my clarity and lose track of my intentions and larger goals. 

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