Sunday, May 17, 2015

Creativity Coaching - Lesson 13 -

If you feel that you want a career in your art discipline, describe what an acceptable career would look like:

1) Finishing the first chapter of my graphic novel, Hymn of the Pearl, and publishing it as a comic
2) Having 6 to 12 students in most classes at the Yogi Tree
3) Teaching Art/Yoga Fusion workshops at the Yogi Tree every other month
4) Consistently making my sacred art (Mandala, Yantras, etc.)
5) Producing online courses in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra
6) Having teacher trainings at The Yogi Tree
7) Becoming a creativity coach and a yoga therapist that has clients
8) Having a consistent following in my yoga classes
9) Continuing to develop as an artist and yogini with a consistent practice
10) Healing myself and others

If you feel that you want a career in your art discipline, describe what an excellent career would look like:

An excellent career in my art/yoga fusion career would look like:
1) Having my studio, The Yogi Tree, thrive (meaning 6 to 12 people in every class) with sold out workshops, teacher trainings and great teachers.
2) Teaching Art/Yoga Fusion nationally and internationally
3) Showing my sacred art in galleries and museums
4) Publishing my graphic novel – “The Hymn of the Pearl” which is a journey toward enlightenment with critical acclaim.
5) Having a couple on line courses that give me passive income: Taoist Yin Yoga, Nyasa Yoga Nidra to start with
6) Writing a Book on the Symbolism of Animals and the Elements in Yin Yoga
7) Making oracle cards having to do with Yin Yoga and other Goddess materials
8) Drawing, painting and doing yoga at least 5 days a week
9) Teaching private sessions in Creativity, Yoga and Meditation
10) Continuing to develop my yoga practice
11) Continuing to develop my meditation practice
12) Continuing to develop as an artist
13) Having the ability to live anywhere in the world I want
14) Healing others and myself

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