Sunday, May 17, 2015

Creativity Coaching - Lesson 14

I want to explore all the different aspects mentioned by Eric Maisel in this week’s lesson.

Private Clients

- This is something that I want to develop but I haven’t so far.  People have approached me but I haven’t done much with the opportunities.


I taught a number of workshops this year. Some were very successful and some not as successful.

Art/Yoga Fusion – Gratitude Yantra for Thanksgiving

New Years Day Intention Yoga  (this was highly successful)

Be Your Own Valentine Restorative Chakra Yoga (this was highly successful)

Art/Yoga Fusion – Heart Mandala for Self Esteem

4 Quadrant Goal Setting Mandala

8 week Discovering Your Life Purpose Program

40 Days to Transformation Program

Monthly New Moon Goddess Women’s Circle (the attendance on this monthly workshop has gone up and down)

Art/Yoga Fusion – Dream Exploration

1 month Artist’s Way

Starting August 1 – 8 week Chakra Series


I have been writing on my blog but haven’t published anything.  I want to work on that.

Support Group:

I like the idea of a continuing support group for creativity.  I have been hosting a bi-monthly People of Color Yoga and Meditation Group.


I have only talked in my workshops.

A Self Created Product

I would like to do that.  I am especially interested in making oracle cards.

A Book Published or Self Published

- I would like to write a book on the symbolism and archetypes of animals in Yin Yoga

Will I maintain an office

- I have the yoga studio with a small room for privates so having a space is not a problem. I would like to have some skype sessions.

How will you advertise

- I have a lot of meet-up groups that’s the main way I have advertised so far.  I need to have a website. I bought an domain name but haven’t done anything with it.  I know I need to tweet more and do more on facebook.  I tried a newspaper ad but it seemed worthless.  I did do some postcards when I started.  I would like to do a monthly newsletter.


- I have problems charging for private sessions.  I feel more comfortable charging at the yoga studio.

Who are my clients so far 

My ideal client is: #2 and #7.  I have to find them by having more of a presence on social media and by word of mouth.

1) Self-identified creative and performing artists have taken my workshops
2) People who sometimes create and but who are not careerists also have come to my workshops
3)  I haven’t tapped into the people like “creativity for lawyers” or other professional market for my art/yoga fusion workshops.  I have had some of the people in New Moon Goddess Women’s Circle and Life Purpose
4) People with a large dream were in the Exploring Life Purpose series
5) Active professionals – I haven’t attracted many of these
6) People interested in creativity as a concept – I haven’t tapped into these
7) People who can be helped through the use of the creative arts – These are the people I am most interested in but I don’t think I really have found them.

What in a creativity coach’s pitch would attract you and cause you to think about becoming a client

- Referral from someone I trust
- Aligned with my world view and interests in art, yoga and meditation
- Proven results
- Caring attitude
- Feels like someone I can trust
- Seems legitimate because of written articles, professional worksplace, website


- Become certified as a Yoga  Therapist and Creativity Coach.  Become an ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher so I can offer continuing education credits and lead Yoga Teacher Trainings.
- Develop a presence online – online courses on Udemy or another platform, website, twitter, Instagram. - Trademark Nyasa Yoga Nidra and develop an online training
- Continue giving workshops at the Yogi Tree moving toward some teacher trainings.
- Publish some articles and continue writing on my blog
- Develop some products like oracle cards
- Write Yin Yoga Book and the symbolize and animal energy

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