Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Debra Huse's Workshop - Lay it Down and Leave it Alone and Juliette Aristides Workshop at the Kline Academy

I took Juliette Aristides' 3 day workshop at the Kline Academy. She was a great teacher.  We worked on a long pose every afternoon and did shorter studies in the morning.
This is the long pose we work on in the afternoon

This is a morning study

This is a morning study

This is a morning study

I drove to Newport Beach three days last week and took Debra Huse's Workshop called "Lay it Down and Leave it Alone."  I knew nothing about Debra Huse.  I liked her paintings on her website. I took a chance since I had the time.  She was a wonderful teacher.  She did one step at a time and let us catch up to her.

Looking across to Balboa Pavilion and the Fun Zone
She was incredibly positive about us and about painting.
Sign at the Fun Zone "U-Drive"
She was great at baby steps and not letting anyone feel overwhelmed.
I will definitely do more with her when I have time.
John's House
I had a great time and I feel like it may be possible for me to paint well one day.

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