Friday, April 27, 2012

Rick Morris Class

Feel pretty good about this drawing I did in Rick's Class last night.  He said I had a good block in.   My materials suck.  I am going to buy some materials today.  I always say I am going to but I don't.

It was the first time in there that I wasn't exhausted which is a huge plus.  Atleast I think it is a plus.  Sometimes in Bikram yoga they say how you feel before you go in the room doesn't really mean anything to how you will perform in the room.  I don't know if that is they same before drawing.  I have to experiment with that.  You can feel like utter shit before Bikram and then perform well in the room or you can feel great and have a shitty class.

Drawing I think it helps to feel good.  But I haven't drawn consistently enough to be totally sure.

I went to Bikram before I drew and I ate a Trader Joe's salad in my car before the class at 3 Kicks. I guess my goal for next class is to get some good materials and a nice tackle box like a never have had and put a more serious artist face on the whole thing.

Some how my Wolf pencils don't work well for Head Drawing with Rick the way they did with Glenn Orbik.  The generals work a lot better for Tonal Drawing.

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