Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Painting the Hero-ine's Journey- Intuitive Sketches - The Seven Archetypes

My synchrodestiny of today was that I wanted 2 days off between jobs.  I was sure I wasn't going to get it because my first day of work was today.  I worked from 9am to 1:30pm until my boss told me that he had miscalculated, my first day of work should be Thursday not Monday. I was overjoyed, I get to have Tuesday and Wednesday off to paint, read and do yoga.

With my new found time this afternoon I thought it would be interesting in my exploration of the Hero-ine's Journey to make some sketches of Vogler's Seven Archetypes.  I thought if I sketched them I might understand them better.  My rules for myself was no reference, no planning, just sketch the first thing that comes in your head.  This is what I came up with:

1. HERO-INE - the protagonist, main purpose is to separate from the ordinary world and sacrifice herself for the service of the Journey.  The heroine answers the challenge, completes the quest and restores the ordinary world's balance. The story takes place through the hero-ine's eyes.

2. MENTOR: "The mentor provides motivation, insights and training to help the Hero-ine."

3. THRESHOLD GUARDIAN: "Threshold Guardians protect the Special World and its secrets from the Hero-ine, and provide essential tests to prove a Hero-ine's commitment an worth."

4. HERALD: "Herald characters issue challenges and announce the coming of significant change.  They can make their appearance anytime during a Journey, but often appear at the beginning of the Journey to announce a CAll to Adventure.  A character may wear the Herald's mask to make an announcement or judgment, report a news flash, or simply deliver a messafe."

5. SHAPESHIFTER: "The Shapeshifter's mask misleads the Hero by hiding a character's intentions and loyalties."

6. SHADOW: "The Shadow can represent our darkest desires, our untapped resources, or even rejected qualities.  It can also symbolize our greatest fears and phobias. Shadows may not be all bad, and may reveal admirable, even redeeming qualities.  The Hero-ine's enemies and villains often wear the Shadow mask.  This physical force is determined to destroy the Hero-ine and her cause."

7. TRICKSTER: "Tricksters relish the disruption of the status quo, turning the Ordinary World into chaos with their quick turns of phrase and physical antics.  Although they may not change during the course of their Journeys, their world and its inhabitants are transformed by their antics.  The trickster uses laughter (and ridicule) to make characters see the absurdity of the situation, and perhaps force a change.

All in all, I like my intuitive sketches.  I think I would like to make some more attempts on the Shapeshifter and the Trickster.  I think they could be more fleshed out.  I had a lot of pleasure in doing this self given assignment

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