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Prepare for the practice of yoga nidra by lying on your back in shavasana . . .

Aligned as symmetrical as possible

(Tense and release exercise)

 Start by saying this affirmation

“I forgive myself for not being perfect”

“It is natural to feel angry sometimes”

“I am a good person”

“I can learn from and transform my anger”

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth

Anger is an emotion that most people have trouble expressing appropriately.

Anger shows ups in our lives in many variations of including: resentment, rage, jealousy, frustration, and stress.

The psychological qualities of stubbornness and over-criticalness are closely related to anger.

Anger is a natural response to an interaction or situation that is not desirable for us or those we care about.

Many of us have been taught that expressing anger is harmful or wrong.  We are ashamed and afraid of it. So we ignore, deny or repress their anger.  But anger doesn’t go away, it just goes underground and disturbs our physical and emotional well-being. We will feel unbalanced until we express our anger, change the circumstances that caused it, or forgive the person or people who sparked it.

Come back to the breath and listen in all directions for sounds . . . (finish internalization as usual)


(Sankalpa as usual or you can use the statement: I can learn from and transform my anger)


(Body Rotation as usual using Spring-Green Healing light, repeat the name, or bring awareness to the body part)

(when at the navel emphasize– seat of the solar plexus Chakra where we find anger)


Anger lives in the liver and gallbladder.

Connect to your liver and gallbladder by placing your hands under your right ribs and pushing gently there,

There under your right ribs you will feel your liver

The gallbladder is below your liver

Sense in your liver if there is any anger, resentment, frustration, stress, imbalance

If there is any ask the message of this feeling of anger (pause)

Deep inhale and exhale and softly ssshhhhhh

With eyes closed: Looking left and looking right to delete any anger, resentment, frustration, stress, imbalance, constriction

Visualize anger, resentment, frustration, stress, imbalance,constriction leaving your mouth as a cloudy gray substance that disappears into the earth to be transformed

Now smile to your liver and your gallbladder they work they do in digestion, regulating blood sugar, and cleansing toxins

Continue smiling as you imagine breathing a spring-green light into these organs for a total of three to six breaths

Repeat (3 x)

On the last repetition sense that your liver and gallbladder softer, moister, and larger

Anger, jealousy, resentment, frustration, stress, constriction, or imbalance have been released

Kindness, generosity, decisiveness, planning and precision have been increased


WARM and COOL (as usual)


Remember an experience of anger

Allow yourself to feel the anger as if you were very angry right now.

Consciously decide to feel the anger

Tell yourself you can feel anger without harming yourself or others

Bring your focus to the part of the body where the sensation of anger is the strongest.  You don’t have to do anything just be aware.L

Notice if you are resisting the anger

Are you pushing it away

Do you  feel ashamed of it.

Experience the anger is you were angry right now

Not let go of the anger and come to the opposite emotion of Joy


Remember an experience of joy or a pleasurable experience you recently had, or any experience that carries a positive emotion like joy, happiness,  comfort, contentment or gratitude,

Cherish whatever images come to your mind with the recollection of this pleasurable experience

Feel the recollection joy

Feel it as if you were joyous right now

Where in your body to you feel this sensation of joy arising

Notice what emotions come up as you bring this experience to mind the experience of joy

Notice any uneasiness you are experiencing because you are allowing yourself to feel joy?

Invite in the feeling of joy and delight. Make space for them

Acknowledge and fully experience the emotion of joy

Now let go over Joy and come back to anger

Now let go of anger and come back to Joy

Now experience joy and anger together. . .


Bring your awareness to the chiddakasha

Again. Remember and experience of anger. You can use the same one you used in the opposite practice or a new scenario.  If you can recall it one that is troubling you right now

Mentally go back into the situation that elicited this emotion

Let yourself see it and hear it like you were watching a movie

What are the particulars:

Where were you

Who was there

What are the sights and sounds and smells

Allow yourself to feel the depth of the feeling. Exaggerate it. Become the feeling.

Now shake the whole body vigorously – like and animal shakes off

Shake off the painful feeling

Take a deep breath to release the pain

Say to yourself mentally

“I totally release all of this anger”

Ask source for the lesson of this feeling anger.  It may come now or some other time.

Forgive any other person involved in the emotional situation of anger. Thank him or her for their valuable lesson. See their face very clearly and  say to them

“I release you to your joy.”

Say to yourself “I forgive myself for my part in the situation and release myself to my joy.”

Inhale and Exhale the healing sound sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh atleast  3 x


(as usual or using statement: I can learn from and transform my anger)


In the Artist’s Way Julia Cameron writes “Anger is fuel that propels us into our new life. Anger is a tool, not a master. We feel it and we want to do something. Anger is meant to be acted upon but not to be acted out. Anger is a loyal friend that always tells us when we have betrayed ourselves.  It will always tell is that it is time, to act in our own best interest. Anger is not the action itself. It is action’s invitation.

Listen to sound of the heartbeat ……………. (finish externalization as usual)

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