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(you will need to know the structure of Satyananda Yoga Nidra to use this guided relaxation.  The practice is just outlined here in a basic way)

(as usual)

(as usual ) or . “I am living the life I desire.”


Part 1
Breathing in and out of Eyebrow Center

Part 2

Working with mantra Hreem
HRIM (pronounced Hreem) is the prime mantra of the Great Goddess and ruler of the worlds and holds all her creative and healing powers.
HRIM governs over the cosmic magnetic energy and the power of the soul and causal body.
It awakens us at a soul or heart level, connecting us to Divine forces of love and attraction.
In Vedic terms HRIM is a mantra of the Sun, particularly in terms of illumination.
It increases our aspiration and receptivity to Divine light, wisdom and truth.
It opens the lotus of the heart to the inner Sun of consciousness.
It is a mantra of the region of heaven or the consciousness space in which all the worlds exist.


A red upside down triangle
Crescent moon
A red scarf
A friend’s smile
A tall tree
Ocean waves at sunrise
A pyramid
A sea shell
Drops of honey
Green Grass
Stars in the Night sky
A Candle Flame
Thousand petal lotus


Bring the awareness to the chidakasha the mind screen in front of the closed eyes.
In that space the chidakasha notice any patterns or colors
Bring the awareness to the chidakasha the mind movie
And in that space imagine you are sitting in a comfortable position in front of a very large blank movie screen.
See now images begin appearing on this large screen
The images are your  life exactly as you wish it to be.
You are watching a movie of the life you desire.
See the key people, the places, and the environment.
 Notice your surroundings. Are you at  home?
What are you doing right now? Notice the activities
Who is with you? Your friends?Family.
Notice what you are doing and whom you are with.
Notice your clothing. What are you wearing?
Notice where you are and the variety of experiences that move across the screen.
Feel yourself in this movie and now that it is both a movie and no longer a movie.
 It is now. It is real.
Feel yourself living this life you desire.
Experience the sights as they interact with you in the now.
Feel through body sensation the wide variety of emotions as you live your dream right now.
Notice the tastes and flavors moving through your mouth.
Listen to all the sounds that surround you.
Hear the conversations, the sounds of nature, of the environment.
 Inhale deeply and indulge in the scents. Engage in the environment, touching and feeling until your whole being is enveloped in vibration of your ideal life happening in the now.
Allow yourself to bathe in the experience of living the life you desire, creating it and feeling it into being right now. Trust and know it is happening now. Enjoy this experience.
Allow yourself to enter a deeper state of relaxation.
Ask for any messages from your angels, guides, loved ones, mentors or teachers you feel connected to. It may show up as images, words, or a felt sense or knowing. Give gratitude for the guidance.
Rest in stillness.
Bring the awareness back to the chidakasha and let go of the visualization practice

(same as usual)

(same as usual)

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