Monday, January 2, 2017

Question 6 - Reflections on Ayurveda

Page 4.52 offers a humorous and poignant view of the doshas. Do you see yourself in any of these stereotypes and do they confirm the results of your Ayurvedic test (refer to Required Assignment #3 below)?
Did any of these stereotypes make you uncomfortable? These may be parts of yourself you are avoiding

- I have characteristics of Vata in myself in my joint issues and my creative life although it isn't my defining characteristics.

Has a sign on the desk that says: “Don’t organize anything here or I’ll be completely lost.”

I tend to be very disorganized and messy, so I relate to this statement on some levels although it's hard for me to find things in my chaos.

Read fifty books of interest found in a library unrelated to the subject of the exam and then wrote the most creative essay. 

I don't always want to follow the exact rules to the letter and I have a lot of curiousity.  I love books and keep buying them. I know I should focus on my internship but I do get distracted by other interests every day.

First became hysterical; then decided to just let it flow since it is all part of the universal plan. 

I get hysterical from time to time. I can be really moody and changeable. Then I get upset with myself for getting upset. Sometimes after all that I can get reasonable and let it go.  Sometimes I can't

Threw a party with an invitation which read: “Life is just an illusion, so why not live every moment to the fullest.”

I am too tired to throw parties but I definitely like the statement.

- I am achievement oriented and an overpreparer. I also have a fiery personality. I feel like Pitta is my dominant characteristic but that doesn't always show on my Ayurveda tests.

Researched what kinds of questions would be required on the exam and then wrote sample essays in preparation.

I tend to prepare a lot for things, maybe over prepare then sometimes I get overwhelmed by the preparation.  I pride myself on my preparation.  It also makes me feel less stressed because I feel very stressed when I am not prepared.

Chose the package vacation with the best prices and options, and visited every spot in the guide
book, checking them off along the way.

I would never go on a package vacation but I do love to research and use guidebooks and internet.  I like planning.  I like reading.

- I never considered myself a Kapha but my body is a kapha body and maybe the stable parts of my personality are kapha.  Sometimes people call me mellow but I feel like the don't really know me.  But Kapha definitely shows up in my Ayurvedic profile.

Looked through items collected through the years to see if any of them were on the shopping list.

I did something similar to this with Christmas gifts. I looked first at home to giveaway things I have never opened and then went shopping.

Took the back roads because, although slower, they are less stressful and more familiar; arrived before vata and pitta. 

I don't like to be stressed.  Sometimes the pitta in me uses waze to travel fastest but often I like taking the roads I like taking.

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