Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jala Mudra

I was at first surprised that Jala mudra was chosen to balance Pitta Dosha because it balances both Pitta and Vatta.  I think I would have chosen Jalashaya Mudra because it is more specific to balancing Pitta.  But I am just a beginner.

Jala Mudra is formed by placing tips of thumbs to tips of little fingers hands up on knees or thighs.

The time went by very fast in this mudra meditation.

I loved the affirmation
"With greater fluidity at all levels of being, I move through life smoothly and easily."

My hands (I have a tremor) have a little bit of problems with these mudras where the fingers are extended but I do them the best I can,

I loved the voice of the guide,

Although I felt a bit awkward with the hand position I enjoyed the water imagery. I always feel a great connection to water.  If I am truly a Pitta-Kapha it explains why I am connected to water because there is a lot of water in me because there is both water in Kapha and Pitta.

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