Sunday, January 8, 2017

Surya Mudra

For my IYT internship for I need to experience a mudra for each of the Doshas.  Here is the hand position for Surya Mudra which I practiced this morning with palms up on my lap sitting on my couch with support behind my back.

Surya Mudra was chosen to balance Kapha Doha.  I was surprised that was the Mudra - Joseph Le Page chose for the internship.  I thought we would chose Ratna Prabha Mudra which is just for Kapha balancing where as Surya mudra is for balancing both Vata and Kapha.

I felt the sun at my chest and my Solar Plexus.

My favorite part was the affirmation
"Awakening my inner sun's radiant energy, I live with abundant vitality."

Because of my tremor, my hands have a hard time using the mudra without tension and shaking.  I wonder if I practiced every day if we hand tension would ease.

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