Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chakra Series - Yoga Nidra for Self-Esteem - Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura


Prepare for the practice of yoga nidra by lying on your back in Savasana.  If Savasana is not appropriate . . .

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and on the exhale think mentally CONFIDENCE

Place your hands on your solar plexus and feel the warmth radiating from your center.

Say to yourself mentally “I am practicing Yoga Nidra”

Say to yourself mentally “I will stay awake for Yoga Nidra

From below, sense the stillness of the earth at the base of your spine, and the movement and fluidity of the water in your abdomen. The earth and water energy coalesce, rising up, turning into a warming fire in your solar plexus.

Your solar plexus is glowing and expanding with its vibrant, yellow light.

This fire keeps you warm, helps you burn food, and gives you energy.

Visualize a mid day sun.  Imagine its rays shining on you giving you visions, ideas, and confidence

The 3rd Chakra is your center, the seat of your personal power.

It is here that you become your own person – an individual ready to leave your own unique impression on the world.

It is here where you integrate your feelings, ideas, thoughts and intelligence, where you exercise your willpower and take actions, where you turn challenges into opportunities, and turn your visions and dreams into reality.

In the past, you may have turned your power over to someone else so you could be accepted and loved.

Or perhaps you sought out power over others in order to feel respected and admired.

Right now you are in touch with your true power.

Honor and respect yourself and your power

Take complete responsibility for your words and actions.

No longer need approval from others.

No longer need to have power over others.

Know that true power doesn’t  shout or cry.

True power is quiet, firm, steady, and effortless.

Know who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do.

Being yourself is a powerful act

Do what feels necessary

Do what feels right.

Stand up for yourself.

Act with confidence and inner conviction.

Create things that are beautiful and meaningful

Make the world a better place

Summon you inner fire that dwells in the abdomen.

Use your personal power to give you courage, discipline, strength, patience and perseverance to walk confidently in the direction of your dreams

Perhaps taking baby steps, one at a time, to fulfill your purpose in life.  Perhaps walking at whatever speed feels appropriate

Feel the warm fire radiating from your solar plexus, penetrating into every cell of your being.

Watch the fire burning away any doubt, shame, guilt, insecurities and jealousies that were lodged there.

Watch the fire leaving behind strength, confidence and belief in yourself.

Slowly, the fire is winding down. But its warmth stays at your center.

Feel it every time you put your hands on your solar plexus.

Ignite it anytime you need to

Come back to the breath

Notice the rise and fall of the breath at the abdomen

Listen in all directions for sounds

Listen for sounds  (continue as normal . . .)

(Do normal introduction to Sankalpa)

I am confident and courageous

(Do normal body rotation but with Yellow Healing Sun Light touching each part of the body)

(use normal dialogue)
Breath at the Abdomen/Solar Plexus
Counting from 18 to 0

Work with the mantra RAM

Remember a time in you life when you felt CONFIDENT

Recollect an experience of confidence. It can be physical or mental confidence.  Everyone has had a moment where the feel confidence.  Remember the feeling of confidence. Feel the confidence. Make it as clear as possible.. Deep your awareness to the feeling of confidence,  Continue to concentrate on the feeling of confidence

Remember a time in your life that you felt INSECURE.  Try to experience the feeling of insecurity.

Concentrate and remember feeling insecure.  Recall that insecurity and try to develop it . . .

Go back to Confidence

Go back to Insecurity

Now feel both confident and insecure at the same time

Let go of confidence and let go of insecurity and come back to the breath


Self-esteem is how people value themselves. Low self-esteem can hold people back from being the best they can be. In consistently reaffirming yourself to be worthy, capable, and competent over time, you gradually build positive self-esteem.

Bring your awareness to the chiddakasha, the mind space in front of the closed eyes.  Notice in colors, patterns or imagery there.

Now you are going to travel into your past.  Retraving the steps of your memory and consciousness backwards from this time.  The past is part of time and time is part of your mind.  By remembering your past you are going into the deeper recesses of your consciousness.

Think of a time you were really, really confident. Imagine every detail, as if you were looking through your own eyes. See, hear and feel those great feelings.

Think of a specific situation in relation to your confidence. For example, if you’d like more confidence in a social situation, imagine yourself there. See it as if it was a movie, seeing yourself laughing and talking easily and effortlessly with others.

Think of someone you know who is really confident. Vividly imagine how their posture looks, how they carry themselves, how they walk and talk, how loud they speak, how they sit, how they greet people. Imagine  yourself into consciously training your body to act in the same way.
Imagine yourself standing with confidence, walking with confidence, speaking confidently.

2nd Visualization

Visualize a bright yellow chakra spinning between the navel and the base of the sternum, like a radiant internal sun

Imagine this internal sun nourishing your digestive organs by soaking them with yellow, energizing light just like the external sun nourishes all life on earth.

Connect the two outside suns with your internal sun at the Solar Plexus.

Connect the two suns energies through the crown of your head

Visualize the energy transfer between the two making your chakra spin faster.

Meditate on this 'exchange of fire' and feel a sense of benevolent power and confidence

Let go of the visualization practice

Like go on the chiddakasha

And come back to the breath

Feel the warmth of the breath


In the breath hear the Sankalpa

The same one you used in the beginning of practice

Or come back to the statement “I am confident and courageous”
. . .

Come back to the solar plexus

Place the hands on the solar plexus on top of the navel

Feel the warmth radiating from your center.

From below, sense the stillness of the earth at the base of your spine, and the movement and fluidity of the water in your abdomen.

Feel the earth and water energy coalesce, rising up, turning into a warming fire in your solar plexus.

Listen for the sound Ram

Listen for the sound of the heart beat

Listen for the sound of the breath

Listen for sounds in the room , . . .

Listen for sounds outside of the room

Listen for the farthest sound that you can hear

Come back to the breath

Take deep belly breaths with awareness of the solar plexus

Inhaling deeply and exhaling fully

Say to yourself “the practice of yoga nidra is now complete”

(Close as normal)


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