Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yoga Nidra - Earth Element - Center and Balance

(as normal)


Visualization your body as a garden waiting to be planted with rich dark soil and a each body part place a tiny side on the body
Water the right side of the body
Let the whole right side of the body grow and bloom


 Take a deep breath in through the nose.
Breathe out through your mouth, making an “S” sound as you exhale.

This sound is one of the ways to strengthen your diaphragm by making you more aware of your exhalation.

Make the sound of an “S” during the entire exhalation.
Try to make that “S” sound as loud and as long as you can.
Allow yourself to exhale normally as you make the “S” sound like a balloon
expelling air when the top is open; don’t try and force the breath out.



(cool winter morning)

(warm summer's day)


(made of stone)

(leaf blowing in the wind)


Imagine you are outside walking through a beautiful garden
It is early in the morning and you are completely alone
There are no other people around
There is only you to enjoy the beauty of nature
Become aware of the earth beneath your bare feet
it feels cool and very pleasant
Now see all the plants and trees growing out of the earth as you walk by them

As you listen
You heara loud clap of thunder.  Look up there is lightning. The sky has become very dark and now it is starting to rain.

You are standing on very green grass and you are watching the raindrops bounce off the blades of grass

Smell the wet earth
Witness the storm
Do not be afraid about getting wet
Just relax and allow yourself to become completely wet
It does not matter
It is very pleasant to get wet

Now the storm was finished
The sun is beginning to shine through the clouds
Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin
You are no longer wet
Your clothes are dry and you feel very warm inside
Look up at the sun and feel its warmth and energy penetrating your skin and entering your body

You are in the garden now.  Happy.  You cannot help laughing with joy.
All around in the trees brightly colored birds are singing
Hear their melodious songs all around you

A cool gentle breeze is blowing in all the trees.  Hear the wind rustling in the trees and feel it blowing against your face and through your hair
Breath in this fresh life-giving air.

(as normal)

(as normal)

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