Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kakini Shakti

Kakini Shakti is the doorkeeper of Anahata Chakra. She moves like air to provide energy to the entire body. She symbolizes self-generating and self-emanating energy

She is all about devotion and bhakti: devotional music, devotional poetry and devotional art. She brings calmness to the mind and peace to the ego. She helps us connect our heart beat with the rhythm of the universe.

Her sword represents cutting through obstacles. Her shield represents protection from worldly conditions.  The Skull  she carries represents detachment from the body.  Her trident represents balance of preservation, creation and destruction

She has 4 faces and energy flows the her four heads in to the four aspects of individual self: physical self, rational self, sensual self and the emotional self.

She is auspicious, joyful and the benefactress of all. Art, music and poetry created under the influence of Kakini bring calmness to the mind and peace to the ego and intellect. The creativity endeavors made under her auspices can become so absorbing that one’s sense of I-consciousness dissolves away


1) Do you have devotional activities or Bhakti in your life?
2) How can you sync of your heartbeat with the rhythm of the universe?
3) What obstacles do you need to cut through with a sword?  Is this different from the obstacles you need to cut through with an ax?
4) What world conditions do you need to be shielded from.
5) What can of detachment would help you? This is subolized in Dakini's Skull?
6) What aspects of your life would you like to bring more balance to? - symbolized in the trident?

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