Monday, August 17, 2015

Meditation on the Color Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra

Begin by making yourself as comfortable as possible by sitting in a chair, cross legged on the floor, in hero pose, or with your back against the wall.  

You can also lie down in savasana.

Notice how the body feels at this very moment. Pay attention to the state of the body right now.

Do not try to change anything, simple notice how the body feels.

Begin to Relax the body.
Relax the feet, relax the legs, relax the abdomen, let the shoulders drop and relax, relax the hands, relax the jaw, relax the face, re;ax the eyelids and let them become heavy, relax the mind
Take a deep breath in . . . Hold it . . . And then slowly breathe out
Become aware of the breath. Notice the breathing. Deliberately try to slow it down.

Create a picture in your mind of the color yellow

Picture the color yellow . . . Imagine the infinite shades of yellow

Visualize yellow objects like flowers, lemons, the sun

Enjoy the color yellow
Now picture whatever calming color your wish.  Do you have a favorite color?  Or is there a color that suits your mood right now.  Imagine whatever color you like.  Allow your find to be relaxed, focused and calm

Enjoy the feeling of relaxation you are experiencing

Now come back again to the breath and come back to the color yellow

Become more alert with each breath you take

Become aware of your surroundings

Gently open your eyes.

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