Friday, October 10, 2014

10 Kasinas

In Buddhism, Kasina refers to a class of basic visual objects of meditation. There are ten kasiṇa mentioned in the Pali Tipitaka:  Through focus on the 10 kasinas you understand how everything works.  It is said that all buddhism is in the kasinas

  1. earth (paṭhavī kasiṇa),
  2. water (āpo kasiṇa), divine eye
  3. fire (tejo kasiṇa),
  4. air, wind (vāyo kasiṇa),
  5. blue, green (nīla kasiṇa),  Attainment of liberation by the beautiful
  6. yellow (pīta kasiṇa), Liberation by the beautiful at the moment of aesthetic experience that sets us free
  7. red (lohita kasiṇa),
  8. white (odāta kasiṇa),
  9. enclosed space, hole, aperture (ākāsa kasiṇa),
  10. bright light (āloka kasiṇa). creates luminous forms

The earth touching buddha is about doing the earth kasina

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