Friday, October 10, 2014

Dakini Miao - LMU - September - Art has healing power - Pay attention to the words beginning with IN

I saw Dakini Miao at LMU again this September.  She was as wonderful as ever.

She said we have to remember what we are and what we are is pure spirit. She says that pure spirit has no guilt at all.  Pure spirit also has no duality.

She had us remember our naughtiest and naive story from our childhood.

Guilt, lack of confidence, fear, ignorance are all heavy energy obstacles.

What does REAL ART mean?
- Not entertainment
- Not luxury
- Art is to relax, have fun and see the beauty

What is the profound meaning of art?
- We are pure spirit and have to know art.

Talked about YANTRA

Ya is balance
TRA is liberation

There is a dharma power that is deep and not entertainment, it is beyond entertainment

Art has energy, art has healing power, Art can heal pain, Art can heal guilt.  Art can heal any obstacle.  Say to yourself "I am an artist!"

Use art for transformation,  Do it with the breath.  Let the whole body energy flow.
Do it with singing. Keep curious.  Keep your sense of adventure.  Be silly. Be naive. Be playful no matter what.  Have naive brave energy.  Don't be too serious.

Pay attention to the unintentional spark.  Think of the in words

- Insight
- Interesting
- Inspiring
- Incredible
- Inside
- Intuition
- Intrigue
- Intelligence
- Invent
- Innocent
- Intention
- Interpret
- Intense

Do something naughty and adventurous.
Do something naughty and creative.
Put back interest in your life.
Look inside and see what is frozen.

It takes bravery and big responsibility to face yourself/

Since we are pure - we can use color

Color is: flavor, medicine, inspiration

Art is part of enlightenment.  After samadhi is manifestation.  All artists are mystics.

We can not do anything - let the thing do us.

Just surrender and be ready.

The divine is using me - I have nothing to do.

Do yoga, do breathing and be sensitive to your body.

Form is empty


She talked again about the blue pearl.
blue blood
medicine buddha
God seen as blue dots
Blue is healing energy
Try to start all painting with some blue

White light is chi energy

Pink is the development of the blood meridian

Purple is when the three meridians are in balance

Live like the lotus

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