Saturday, May 9, 2020

Meditation / Guided Imagery Script - Night, Dawn, Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Rise

Sit comfortably or lie down, with your eyes closed or open with a soft gaze.

Bring the awareness to the breath.

Notice the rise and fall of the breath.

On the inhale the belly rises

On the exhale the belly falls

Inhale the belly rises

Exhale the belly falls

Inhale mentally thinking day

Exhale mentally thinking night

Do this for several breaths

Inhale mentally thinking "ha"

Exhale mentally thinking "tha"

Do this for several breaths

Bring the awareness to the chidakasha, the mind space in front of the closed eyes.


And in this space see the a dark night sky

Experience the darkness.

Absorb the primordial energy.

Connect to the emotions and feelings that arise as you find yourself in the emptiness of night.

Notice the stars filling the heavens.

Watch them shining and twinkling.

Breathe here for a some time under the protection of the canopy of night sky.

Take in the vastness of the universe.

Examine the stars again and notice them fading.


Notice the sky changing from black to dark purple.

Dark purple to indigo

Indigo to blue.

Look mentally to the East.

Become aware of band of rosy pinks and sandy yellows at the horizon.

See the sky transforming from yellow to the orange of fresh mangoes or tangerines.

Experience the explosion of colors that mark the Dawn

Absorb the vibrance of the reds, oranges and yellows.

Take some breaths here in Dawn's early light

See the heavens now as they quickly fade into a gentle blue.


Notice, the head of the sun aggressively emerging out of the warmth of the morning sky

Daylight confidently fills the air

The beams becomes bigger, brighter and bolder.

Illuminating the atmosphere

Now the firmament is divided between yellow on the bottom and blue on the top

Rising and becoming more intense the sun has taken control of the sky

Connect to the dynamism of the sun

Feel activated by the solar light

Take some breaths here being charged by the sun

Notice as the sun travels westward.

See it lowering itself down into a pool of orange light

Now disappearing into a cloud of grayness and blue

Orange stripes mark its departure

An indigo sky pushes down into a cloud of yellow and orange


Everything is over taken by blue-blackness

Bring awareness to a bright white ball in the distance

The moon fully formed taking its place in the night sky

Gently rising out of the darkness

The compassionate moon, receptive and responsive

Looking over us a beacon of nourishment

Experience the sweetness as the moonlight caresses you

Take some slow deep breaths here connecting to the moon's meditative power

Bring the awareness back to the chidakasha

The mind space in front of the closed eyes

And let go of this visualization practice

Notice the breath

Inhaling thinking "Tha"

Exhaling thinking "Ha"

Inhaling thinking "Moon"

Exhaling thinking "Sun"

And when you are ready

And there is no need to rush or hurry

Gently Blink the eyes Open

Hari Om Tat Sat.

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