Friday, May 27, 2011

Casting the Characters - Hymn of the Pearl - Chapter One

Working in the tremendous feat of my graphic novel: "Hymn of the Pearl." I did a rough layout of the first Chapter (around 30pages) now I want to do character designs for each of the characters and refine the roughs. This is what I have come up with for the main characters so far.

Zohreh is the Brothel owner in Sarbug. Greedy as all get out. She probably was really cute once.
The treasurer advises Gaspar. In the end of the story he is revealed as the Queen's Lover.

The sorceress is the Queen's advisor. I am using to Indian gypsy's as reference.

Queen Rantha is an aging beauty. I may put a little weight on her.

Minisha is the old soldier.

Kama is the beautiful prostitute that Gaspar falls in love with. But she's not as good as we think she is.

Gaspar is the young spoiled prince. We hate him the the beginning og the story but love him in the end.

Abhay is the young soldier and family man. He is the one all the girls fall inlove with.

Abdagases is Gaspar's spoiled sadistic brother. We hate him.

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