Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drawing from Imagination/Ink Illustration

I am taking 2 classes at California Art Institute in Westlake this Summer: Drawing from Imagination/Ink Illustration and Basic Cartooning. The instructor for Drawing from Imagination is Tim Gula

"Tim Gula is an American comic book artist and animator. In the 1980s he has done animation work for Bakshi, Disney, Don Bluth and Marvel-Sunbow. By 1988 he was doing art for Car-Toons by Petersen Publishing and 'Revolver' by Renegade Press. He was then present at DC with 'Dragonlance', 'Justice League International' and 'Martian Manhunter J'Onn J'Onzz', and at TSR Comics Module with 'Intruder'"

He credits the exercise we have done so far from people he has worked with like Moebius and Alex Nino. According to wikipedia: "Alex NiƱo (born May 1, 1940 is a Filipino comic book artist best known for his work for the American publishers DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Warren Publishing, and in Heavy Metal magazine.These are 2 illustrations by Alex Nino

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (born May 8, 1938) is a French comics artist. Giraud has earned worldwide fame, not only under his own name but also under the pseudonym Moebius, and to a lesser extent Gir, the latter appearing mostly in the form of a boxed signature at the bottom of the artist's paintings, for instance the volumes' covers. Tim Gula said he worked with Moebius in Paris. Here are some works by Moebius.

These are some of the exercises he have been doing in class.
I did this in pentel color brush yesterday.

This the first thing I did yesterday I was using a prismacolor. Some of the drawing below is sneaking through on the photograph. I was listening to the Girl with the Pearl Earring sound track while I was doing this although I didn't know until I finished. But weirdly I seem to have a lot of earring type imagery in the drawing.

This was from last Saturday. I was doing an interpretation of Journey to the Center of the Earth. I was think about the top of the picture being very organic with tree roots and the bottom being this geometric rigid layer that you have to break through.

Below is the first exercise we did in prismacolor just listening to music.

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