Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MANZANAR WORKSHOP - Warm Up Day 2 - Spainhower Ranch

Friday we painted at Spainhower Ranch.

"Looking every bit the past of a rough wrangler and ranch hand, Lone Pine’s Russ Spainhower promoted the area as a great location for movies, many of which were shot on his ranch or using his horses for sets. "
Above or some Notan Paintings I did at Spainhower Ranch.

This is a horse named Lawrence

Here are some more Notan Paintings around the barn.

Two limited palette 6" x 8" Oil Paintings on Panel. I put the painting below up for Critique by Al Seton. He suggested that I break up the bands. He said try painting it a couple different ways make foreground warm and background cool in one of the variations. Put in some sort of escape hatch. Try not using local color in one of the variations.

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