Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MANZANAR WORKSHOP - Keeler - Jo Ann Formia - "Paint where you feel comfortable"

Monday I drew and painted in Keeler California.
According to Wikipedia:
"Keeler is a census-designated place (CDP) in Inyo County, California, United States. Keeler is located on the east shore of Owens Lake 11.5 miles at an elevation of 3602 feet (1098 m). The population was 66 at the 2000 census. . . . When the 1872 Lone Pine earthquake rendered the pier in nearby Swansea inaccessible by uplifting the shoreline, a new pier was constructed to the south at a community named Hawley.
In 1880 a new mill was constructed at Hawley by the Owens Lake Mining and Milling Company for processing ore from the Cerro Gordo Mines in the mountains to the east. A town was laid out by the company agent Julius M. Keeler, for whom the town of Hawley was later renamed. . There was a 300-foot wharf at Keeler, and the steamship route cut days off the time for a freight wagon to circle the lake. .
The Carson and Colorado Railroad constructed a narrow gauge railway to Keeler in 1883. The success of the Cerro Gordo mines caused Keeler to boom until silver prices plummeted in the late 1800s. A second boom of zinc mining in the early 1900s brought new life to the town and a tramway was built to bring the ore from Cerro Gordo to Keeler.
Train service was stopped in 1960 and the tracks were removed in 1961. Water exports from the Owens Valley to the City of Los Angeles in the 1920s led the Owens Lake to eventually dry up, causing alkali dust storms to blow through Keeler, driving many residents away. Dust remediation efforts in the early 21st century reduced this problem, but few residents remain."

Jo Ann Formia did the demo at Keeler. She studied with Henry Fukuhara and Milfred Zornes. She is the president of Watercolor West. Jo Ann makes her own greens. She makes sketches and the paints outside where she feels comfortable not necessarily looking at the subject. She uses Bochenford paper. She uses a big brush and blocks in. She laughed that there is always an ugly stage in your painting. She uses American Journey paints from Cheap Joes. She says don't paint from you painting paint from your sketch. She often makes sketches of sketches to distill down to the most simple information and not getting caught up in the details.

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