Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bill Perkins Color Boot Camp - Day 2

We painted today with a palette of Black, White, Cadmium Yellow Light, Napthol Red, Raw sienna and Quinox.

Burnt Sienna is a black orange
Cadmium Yellow Light + White gives a cool
Raw Sienna is used by Bill on his palette as a dark yellow. He prefers it to yellow ochre because it is warmer.
Keying a painting – Major Key and Minor Key
(He mentioned Zorn Palette but I don’t have clear notes about it)
Value, Hue and Saturation will define where any color lies on the wheel. Hue is measured around circumference. Value sets up mood of the painting. Color Wheel is a theory.

Mixing paint is subtractive. The more you mix the color the more neutral the color becomes.

Bill mentions George Bellows and the Ashcan group and something about Mirada and premixing palette on composition (but I am not clear on my notes). Bill doesn’t like Cadmium Red Medium that much because he says it grays too fast.

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