Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bill Perkins Color Boot Camp - Day 3

Push the Color. Paintings are about light. Take what’s infront of yyou. Look at dynamic relationships and find out what’s going on Look what the range is.
The minor key is the range of contrast wit in your component. There are 7 individual components in a painting. Break things down into a logical way so you can understand it.
In painting you put something down and then you check yourself.

Arthur Dow defines design principles as Opposition, Transition, Subordination, Repetition, Symmetry. This is the California Craftsman approach.

Maitland Graves in “The Art of Color and Design” talks of Line, Value, Shape and Proportion.

In the “Visual Story” Bruce Block talks of Line, Tone, Shape, Color, Space, Rhythm and Movement

Mentions A. Donlis “A primer to Visual Literacy” and Line, Mass and Form is how we stylize things visually.

There are seven basic contrasts.
Contrast of Hue
Contrast of Light/Dark
Contrast of Warm/Cool
Contrast of Complementary
Contrast of Saturation
Contrast of Extension (Proportion and Placement of Color)
Simultaneous Contrast

When you paint ask yourself
- What is my matrix? Light vs. Shadow or Light vs. Dark. Then think of your range from Lightest to Darkest and Brightest.

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