Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bill Perkins Color Boot Camp - Day 1

The Goal of the Color Boot camp is 25 to 30 paintings in 5 days. Not interested in rendered images. Must paint what is important first. The idea is assessing relationships. What are you looking at? Eliminate naming generic items. Look for Basic spots of color.

The skeleton of a painting can be considered it’s MATRIX. When you start to paint assess clearly. Determine what the pattern in. Then put it down boldly. Once you put it down stick to it.
There is an idea of NOTAN vs. CHIAROSCHURO. Every object has a local value. If the painting is a 3D it’s going to have form but a painting is not always about form.
There are 3 Elements of Design: 1)Notan 2)Chiaroscuro 3)Line/Texture.

When you are putting be critical about what you are seeing and what you are putting down.
A painting can be about Light &. Dark or Light & Shadow. The values set the mood of your piece. Sargeant mainly paints in Notan but then we switches to form around the face.

When you go to a museum the paintings will have a strong bias to chiaroscuro or notan.
Smaller surfaces are darker because the reflect less light. Larger masses reflect more light. We need to have a clear distinction about what’s in light and what’s in shadow. When you have string contrast you can really get the feel of light. If you have light and shadow sgapes can have more reflected light. When you paint hit the light and shadow patterns first.

A painting can range from High Key (overall light) to Low Key (overall dark). There is also the major key (overall proportions) and a minor key (contrast range with your painting). It is important to fine tune your comparing and expand the way you compare.

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