Saturday, December 24, 2016

Body Scan 3 - 20 minute body scan - Internship - Chapter 3

20 Minute Body Scan guided by Cassondra Graff

I did a shorter body scan today because my husband practiced with me.  I have been really enjoying doing the body scans so I wanted to share it with him so I coaxed him into the 20 minute practice. He wasn't as in to it as I am.  He says I like it because I get to rest.  He says he doesn't need rest because he is not as worn out as me.

- My legs feel very uneven.  My right leg is much heavier
- My feet feel as if they are pointing in very awkward directions that seems to be effective the rotation of my legs
- there is still a lot of tension in the right side of the calf and ankle
- I have very little awareness of my individual toes besides the big toe
- There is pulling on my knees. More on my right today.
- My right buttock is very tight and tense
- My quads feel relaxed and open will my hamstrings have this slight pulling
- my hips feel a pulling especially the right hip
- My hands feel heavy and tense as if they are hooks and my arms are also tense
- My shoulders feel as if they are collapsing forward
- There is tension in the back of my neck and jaw
- My head feels as if it is leaning to the left
- I experienced a lot of sadness when we went to the left knee the knee I have had surgery on and is bothering my again right now and I am working with it through physical therapy and yoga
- My chest feels like it is collapsing in around my heart

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