Saturday, December 24, 2016

Body Scan #1

This morning, December 22, 2017 I worked with

45 Minute Body Scan guided by Steven Hickman
(55 Mb) This is the "regular" Body Scan.

I found it on the UCSD MBSR website

I really enjoyed the body scan and I felt like it went very fast.

- I have very little awareness in my feet besides the big toe and the baby toe on the right foot.  The rest of the feet is very hard to sense.
- I feel like my whole left leg from the tip of the toe to the top of the hip is rotating in while the right leg feels more like a pillar
- I feel tension behind the right calf
- There is a lot of tension around my shoulders and my neck
- My quads and inside of my thighs feel very soft
-  My knees feel pulling especially the left knee
- My buttock feels as if its strained and pulling
- My lower and middle back feel pretty much at ease
- My face feels at ease
- My hands feel somewhat stiff

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