Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pravīratārā - Tārā the Swift and Heroic

Praviratara is the first of the Twenty one emanations of Tara according to the tradition of Sūryagupta.
It we call on Praviratara with our hearts she will be swift to eliminate our outer and inner obstacles

She sees past, present and future simultaneously.  In seeing all, in times of trouble, Praviratara knows when to come swiftly to our aid ‘like a flash of lightning’.

She is praised as a heroine who has ‘conquered’ herself and become a fully awakened Buddha. She teaches us how to be heroes and heroines of our own lives and defeat our inner and outer demons.

Those who are engage in the sadhana/practice of Pravitatara will be able to keep away negative influences of harmful individuals. Praviratara is especially helpful in aiding us in successfully negotiated worldly dealings in the legal and business fields.

She was born from a beautiful lotus that grew from the tears of the Avalokiteshvara, Buddha of Compassion and the Protector of the Three Worlds (form, formless and desire). Tara vowed to assist him in helping all sentient beings.

Her traditional poem of praise is:

"Homage to Tara, The Swift One, The Heroine,
Whose eyes are like a flash of lightning,
Who arose from the opening of a lotus,
Born from the tears of the Protector of the Three Worlds."

Her coloring is red and she radiate fires. Pravitara has one head and eight arms. Her first pair of hands, joined at the crown, hold vajra and bell. The second pair hold bow and arrow. The third hold wheel and conch and the fourth hold sword and noose. She appears peaceful and as she sits in the cross-legged position on a yellow lotus. She is adorned with silks and jeweled ornaments and has a backrest of moonlight. Her sacred sound is OṂ (ༀ)

Her is an Explanation of her iconography:

Vajra and Bell in the Mudra of Joy – The vajra represents compassion and the bell represents the realization of Emptiness.Tara carries both implements crossed above her head in what is known as the joy of Dharma. Joy is perseverance in benefiting all sentient beings.

Bow and Arrow – The bow held in the left wisdom hand and the arrow held with the right hand of compassion represent Tara’s skillful ability to use liberate us swiftly.

Dharma Wheel – The Dharma wheel represents the Buddha’s teaching. Tara wielding the Dharma wheel signifies her dominion over all beings.

Conch Shell – The conch shell was used as a horn trumpet in ancient times to proclaim the Dharma throughout the land where the conch shell is blown.

Wisdom Sword – The wisdom sword is a blade of wisdom that signifies the ability of Tara to cut through our negative karma, obstacles and ignorance.

Vajra Noose – The vajra noose represents the binding of all harmful beings and obstacles get in the way of  our spiritual practice.

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