Monday, December 26, 2016

Bhu Mudra for Balancing Vata

I did Joseph Le Page's Bhu Mudra meditation for Balancing Vatta.

(I am not sure who any of these people are in the pictures. I just wanted to show the mudra)

I felt grounded, stable and supported. As the meditation went on a felt that my chest was opening up more and more.  In the illustration in looks like the arms are infront on the knees this wasn't comfortable (and I felt like I was collapsing forward) so I put the arms behind the knees. At one point I really felt like axiety mountain with my head being the top.  I even saw the snow/ice at the top of the mountain/my head.

My breath become very deep during the meditation and I was grounded and relaxed.
At one point I remember the Buddha touching the earth as his witness in the confrontation with Mara.

Here is what is written about the Mudra in Joseph and Lilian Le Page's book:

Core Quality: Stability


- Cultivating a sense of stability in both the mind and body
- Strengthening the bones
- Facilitating optimal postural alignment
- Reducing blood pressure
- Cultivating grounding and embodiment
- Supporting the treatment of anz

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