Saturday, December 24, 2016

Body Scan #2

45 Minute Body Scan guided by Lois Howland

My mind wandered more today to other imagery than yesterday.  I really enjoyed the body scan.  I really like being in Savasana. It doesn't ever feel like 45 minutes

- My shoulders feel like they are collapsing in side ways
- My right ankle to calf is tense and throbbing
- There is a lot of tension in both of my but checks
- A have awareness in the big toe but not the other toes
- My left leg feels more at ease than my right leg
- My head feels off center but I am not sure how to correct it
- Tension on the left knee
- Abdomen feels very soft
- Face feels soft
- Back of neck has some tension
- Hands feel tense and throbbing

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