Thursday, December 29, 2016

Main stressors in my life

Questions: Dealing with Stress in Your Own Life – List the main stressors in your life. Begin by
dividing them into groups, such as work, family, relationships, money, time, self-expectations,
self-image, etc. Next to each stressor, note the unconscious and subconscious beliefs that “make this stressor seem real” and the expectation you place on yourself due to these beliefs. In other words, are you measuring yourself against an image of how you want life, yourself, others, or situations to be? Look for a way in which you could drop the expectation or change your attitude toward it, and next to each expectation, note how the stress would change. If there are some stressors you would like to retain, note what it is you get from them. What is the payoff? Is the juice really worth the squeeze?

- There is no end to the volume
I can ask for more help - 2nd shopper, Set Dec PA.
I can quit the job if it becomes unreasonable.
I can accept there is a high volume of work in the profession I chose and be with the work
- The hours are very long
I can ask for more help
I can take better care of myself and go to bed on time so I have the energy to do the work
I can acknowelge that yes the hours are very long
Because the hours are long a need to take good care of myself
Because the hours are very long it is important that I take time off between jobs
- The expectations are high
I can have my own expectations
I can clarify what is needed
Because the expectations are high I need to devote time to yoga and meditation to balance myself
- Lots of people depend on my
We all depend on each other. I depend on them too
- I constantly have to be creative
I will do the best I can 
- I need to read other people's minds
Because I am not a mind reader I will ask more questions and also accept it will not always work out perfectly.
I can accept because I am not a mind reader sometimes I will need to make changes.

- I don't have enough energy left to do the job I want to do at the yoga studio
I can stop working at the studio
I can teach less 
I can leave things as they are and realize the yoga studio is just one part of my life
- I am working in partnership and I don't always have the same belief system as my partner
I can accept that we are different people
I can let go of the partnership
- The location is not good
- The parking sucks
I can try to find a solution to the parking
I can let things be as they are and acccept that the parking is not good,
- My students need a lot of attention that I can't always give them
I can accept I can only give what I can give and that is my best
When I am with my students I can give them my full attention
- I am very tired by the time I get to the studio
I can teach less
I can rest more
I can do the best I can do accepting that I am tired
- I spend most of my free time at the Yoga studio
I can not take on as many things
I can accept that I spend a lot of time at the studio

SCHOOL - YOGA THERAPY 800 hour Training
- The internship is very hard and demanding and takes lots of time
I can work on it as I can and let myself finish it when it naturally is finished without forcing or grasping
I can let go of perfectionism and day the internship the best I can when I approach it each time
- I need lots of money to pay for the trainings
I can keep decorating sets so that I have the money for teacher trainings
I can select which teacher trainings I want and which ones I can afford
I can borrow money from my mom or agains the house
I can do less teacher trainings and try to learn in cheaper ways: by taking classes, by reading books
- I didn't expect to have to do all my training at Kripalu I thought I could go back to Austin which is much closer and more personal
I can accept that things change
- I am not sure I can make a living doing yoga therapy
I can focus on the right now which is my work as a Decorator and a part time yoga teacher and when I have become a Yoga Therapist think about how to make a living. Right now since I am not a Yoga Therapist it is not as important to ruminate on the future,
- Even though I am doing all this training I still feel inadequately prepared to work with people
I can realize I am not work with people and not teach until I feel prepared
I can work consistently in the day to day on my yoga therapy and trust that one day I will feel prepared

- My left knee hurts when it is bent. It is the same pain I had before and after my surgery in 2000. I thought I had solved this issue and now it's back
I can continue to work on my knee
I can accept that my knee hurts now
- The side of my left foot is hurting very badly
I can accept that my foot is hurting
I can work on my foot using the healing modalities that I am familiar with
- My shoulders are in pain most of the time
I can accept the pain in my shoulders
I can work on my shoulders using the healing modalities that I am familiar with
- The side of my right calf is in pain
I can accept the pain
I can work with the healing modalities I know
- I am doing yoga and going to physical therapy for these injuries
- Both of these activities take a lot of time
I can do what I can do with the constraints of the time I have
- Being in pain affects my mood and my performance at work
I can accept that pain affects my mood
- My bunions are very large and my toes are curling over which I believe is effecting my stability and balance
I can accept that my balance is off due to injury

- I don't spend enough time with my husband because I have made myself so busy
I can make my husband more of a priority
I can accept that I am busy
- Most of my family is in Philadelphia and I feel disconnected from them
I can try to be more connected to my family using phone and internet
I can accept the choice I made living far from my family has lead to me feeling disconnected
- My cousin, who I love lives less than two miles from me but I rarely see her
I can see her more
I can accept that I do see her
- I regret not having children
- My grandaunt just died and I didn't get to see her
I can accept that she died and I wasn't there
- My aunt is suffering from dementia and I don't know how to help
I can accept that I don't know how to help my aunt who is suffering
- My cousin has a sever case of lupus
I can accept that my cousin has lupus and although it seems very infair to me this is the way it is
- my brother has epilepsy and I feel guilty about how his life has turned out
I can accept my brother has epilepsy and I don't

- I have few friendships
I can accept that I have few friends
- My one close friend moved away several years ago.  I tried to stay in touch but she doesn't return my calls very often
I can accept that she doesn't return my calls
- My other close friend moved away this fall and I miss her very much
I can accept that I miss Linda

- I am worried that when I make my Career Change to Yoga and Yoga Therapy I will not make enough money to be satisified
Change is always happening in life and it is not a threat. 
The point of life is change
- I make a lot of money in TV being a Set Decorator and that is one of the things that has keep me in this profession that I think it too hard to do
I am mindful that I perceive my profession as difficult

- I schedule up all of my time and don't give myself much down time
I can give myself more down time
I can recognize that my tendency is to over schedule myself and decide if I want to try to make any changes
- I am overwhelmed that I don't have enough time
I can do less
I can accept that I am overwhelmed
- I don't give myself enough time to sleep
I can sleep more
I can accept that I don't give myself enough time to sleep

- I have very high expectations for myself
I recognize my expectations are high
I can attempt to lower my expectations
- I am competitive and achievement oriented
I can accept my competitive and achievement oriented nature
I can try to change
- I rarely feel good enough
I can accept that I rarely feel good enough
I can work on loving myself

- I feel I am too fat
I can accept my body as it is right now
- I am embarrassed that I am not more flexible
I can accept my flexibilty where it is right now
- I don't feel pretty enough
I can accept my looks as they are
- I am struggling with how my looks are changing as I am getting older
I can accept that I am changing and getting older

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