Sunday, December 25, 2016

How do we mobilize community support for Yoga and Yoga Projects

1) We educate people about the benefits of yoga in there own communities by going into schools, community centers, nursing homes, parks, recreation centers, and other non-traditional Western places for yoga. In this places we educate on health benefits of yoga for the targeted group we are interacting with

2) We write about yoga in newspapers, magazines, blogs. We tweet about yoga and facebook about yoga.

3) We offer donation classes, pay what you can classes, sliding scale classes, time banking and work trades.

4) We offer wellness classes across, social, cultural. and religious boundaries

5) If  necessary, we make the language of yoga more accessible

6) We allow people to discovery the true mystery of yoga for themselves and not tell people how to feel

7) We emphasize in our marketing and materials that yoga is for people of all shapes and sizes and colors, nationalities, religions and ethnic groups

8) How demonstrate how yoga is a cost effective alternative for wellness

9) We have fun doing yoga and show how fun yoga is

10) We show people how they are already practicing yoga without even knowing it (prayer, movement, stretching, concentrating, etc.. )

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