Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Anamika Mudra - Gesture of the Ring Finger

I recorded my thoughts during the Anamika Mudra Meditation so I didn't feel obliged to try to remember them as they came up.

Elements Activated:

- I had impressions of Snow and Cold Rain, Cold wind, a Cold lake, the Moon and Night

- I would say that water and air where being activated but mainly water

Location of the Breath
- the breath started with Belly Breathing with some tightness in the chest
- there was a Slight panic in the chest
- then the breathing moved to below the navel very low in the belly

- there was a Slight Constriction in Chest which I became more aware of as the rest of the body relaxed


- A felt as if the mediation started in Manipura and then moved to Swadisthana.  There was also awareness on Anahata chakra where  I felt a block.
- Initially the Mudra wanted to be in line with navel but then if shifted below the navel.

Physical System

- Pranamaya, Manomaya and Annamayakosha seemed to be activated
- I was aware of the breathing and I was aware of the physical body
- I was also aware of darkness and coldness
- I guess Manomaya kosha was activated when I felt a panic in the chest
- In the Annamaya kosha my shoulders felt heavy and my elbows and arms (Anahata Chakra) are unsure what they wanted to do. The mudra felt awkward on my hands (Anahata Chakra).  My left hand (feminine side of the body) was more comfortable than my right (masculine) even through it was shaking. But, my spine felt straight,
- In the pranamayakosha my tremor has activated in my left hand but not as bad as yesterday.

- Slight panic in the chest

Spiritual Experiences
- Connection with the womb and the Mother Goddess in her dark lunar form

Images and Symbols

- Moon
- Cold Rain
- Cool Dark Lake

What the book Mudras For Healing and Transformation says about Anamika Mudra

- Directs the breath, awareness and energy into the pelvis (I felt the shift from belly to lower belly which I guess is the pelvis)
- Waves of healing energy (I had a lot of water imagery)

- Allows us to feel complete comfort and ease (I had constriction and panic in my chest)
- Pelvic area is seat of the water element (I experienced water)
- Apana Vayu (I felt the energy shifting downward)
- Enhances health of urinary and reproduction system (I don't know if I experienced any of this)
- Opens and balances Swadisthana Chakra (I did feel this)
- Self-nourishment and self-healing that support the release of seond chakra issues, including feelings of abandonment, addictions and codependency (I know I had some panic and constriction but perhaps I didn't hold it long enough to experience the healing.
- Develops healthy intimate relationships (Can't comment)
- Overcoming addictions and codependency (Can't say)

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