Monday, April 10, 2017

Guided Imagery for Kidney Dialysis

for Dee, my beloved Cousin

(the ending of this guided imagery is inspired by Meditation on Taking Medicine Within, by Stephen Levine, p.172-173)

Find yourself relaxed either seated, reclined or lying down

Use any blankets or cushions that will help you increase the experience of relaxation

Relax your hands and body

Get into whatever available position makes you the most comfortable

Eyes closed if that feels appropriate

Otherwise eyes open with a soft gaze

Begin to watch the breath

Don't try to change anything

See where the breath is at this very moment

(long pause)

Now, when you inhale let the belly rise

And when you exhale let the belly fall

Inhaling the belly rises

Exhaling the belly falls

Continue breathing is this manner
(long pause)

Completely relax your body from head to toe

Relax your head, relax your shoulders, back, arms, buttock, legs, feet

Relax all organs, muscles, bones, cells, and nerves

Everything is completely relaxed

When you inhale - inhale positivity, goodness, happiness, joy and serenity

When you exhale, exhale: negativity, anger, anxiety, stress and tension

Feel yourself more and more relaxed -

Any thoughts coming in your mind acknowledge them and let it go

And as you are in the physical body in the process of getting dialysis,

Take the imagination to a different place,

See yourself in a nature, perhaps beautiful garden or maybe in a more naturalistic landscape. See yourself in a beautiful setting that you find yourself to be nurturing and healing.

See it there.....Investigate your surroundings.....See it clearly as if you were watching a movie.........

And in this place visualize a yourself holding a seed in your hand.

See this seed as type of embryo

This seed embryo is surrounded by tissue that contains rich nutrients, including carbohydrates and proteins.

This seed has its own unique formula to use to one day reach its own potentional

The embryo and nutritive tissue are both surrounded by the seed's shell, which protects the seed until the time is right for it to sprout, germinate and grow.

This seed has been waiting for the right time to start growing and the time is now.

Find the perfect space to plant the seed in the ground in your landscape.  Perhaps use a small shovel to get the seed in the earth at the perfect depth. You will know intuitively how far to plant it. So don't worry

Pat down the earth on top of the seed to protect it and water it with the perfect amount of healing water.  You will know how much.

Visualize  the seed's coat absorbing water, which triggers the process of germination.

Give the seed some time to germinate (pause)

Some time has passed and the seed's coat has bursts open.

The seeds has received the perfect amount of water and light in order to germinate.

Watch inside the ground and see the first piece of the tree to emerge from the seed, it is actually an early root.

Visualize as the root grows down from the seed, looking for minerals and more water.

Now look on the ground itself and see a sprout emerge from the top of the seed, reaching for the sunlight above through the surface of the ground.

The sprout has poked its head above the ground,  See it clearly looking at the sku

It now begins to develop early leaves

This is a seedling tree, and it is very fragile.

Watch how the universe protects its seedling

Watch as the seedling  becomes a sapling and now a young tree.

The roots of the tree below the surface of the earth are spreading rapidly now, and the taller the tree becomes, the wider the roots spread.

Now much time has past and the sapling has become a tall majestic tree............. see the tree.  The roots...........the branches............the crown of leaves............See it thriving wherever it is planted.............What time of day is it.......What is the temperature..............Now follow one of the roots of the tree and see it connected see it connected to the earth from which it gets its health, its nutrients, its water

Now bring awareness to your arm, the arm that is connected to the dialysis machine, follow your arm that is connected to the dialysis machine and know that your arm is also getting its health and nutrients

The roots connection to the earth allows it to survive and thrive
Just as your connection to the dialysis machine allows you to survive and thrive

Know that we are all connected in some way either even though it is not always as obvious as to a dialysis machine

We all need help to thrive

Take a moment to mentally look at the dialysis machine. No need to open your eyes.

Take a moment to investigate if the dialysis machine is regarded wholeheartedly as a medium of healing

Notice is there a shame or feeling a failure that is connected to being on dialysis

Now focus on the healing potential of dialysis

See the dialysis for its  healing potential

Let the body be open to receive the healing that dialysis has to offer

Sense this treatment's potential to enter into the kidneys  and bring equanimity and balance there

Listen to the dialysis machine.  Does it have something to say?  What is its tone of voice?  Is there any sense of helplessness in your relationship with dialysis?  Just notice it without judgment.

Now, meet with mercy and awareness any resistance you have had in the past to being on dialysis and meet this past resistence with love, kindness and gratitude

Thank the dialysis machine for whatever healing it may have to offer and acknowledge your connection to the machine

Receive the dialysis as a blessing

Find an image which opens you to the healing in your dialysis, maybe it is the roots of the tree getting nutrients from the soil, maybe it is another image  (long pause)

Use this image to see dialysis as a gift from a beloved friend or great teacher or a gift from God

Let the healing in.  Absorb it.  Be open to healing.

Allow the loving kindness to combine with the treatment that directs in all the healing to the kidneys

Allow the dialysis to be draw in, with mercy and awareness

Let toxins leave the body also with mercy and love

Feel the dialysis dissolving the any resistance, dispelling the tension and difficulty around illness

Feel healing entering directly.  Feel it melting disease and illness and let the disease and illness leave the body

Let the dialysis aid you in your healing

Be open to the healing properties of dialysis

And now bring awareness to the tree

And perhaps lean it against or sit in shade of the branches

Know that we are all connected either physical or emotional

Being connected is what what makes life beautiful

Take as much time as you want to sit under your true

and when you are ready open your eyes

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