Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tarjani Mudra

This is what a felt and saw during my meditation using Tarjani Mudra

Index Fingers together
Body feels like leaning forward
Index fingers are moving toward the heart 
They leave the solar plexus

Feel breathing in upper abdomen and chest
Feel some gentle raindrops
Feel the heart beat
Shoulders aren't feeling good today

Feel the color green
Feel green grass
Feel sun and wind
Feel Easter Eggs, bunnies

Feel the earth like an egg
See the cross and the fish

When I wing the elbows out my left hand tremor is activated more
Took them in - oh now it's still going

Still leaning into the future
Awareness of the back of the neck

A many pointed star

Barbell at the shoulder blades

A salty wind at the ocean

A black muscle with a beard

Footprints in the sand

deer, antelope and gazelle

Plains of Africa

A locket

Pushkar in India

The tube that was mailed to me with the art work inside

Figure drawing


This is what the mudra is supposed to do according to Mudras for Healing and Transformation

Tarjani Mudra is for opening the heart.  Tarjani means index finger.  I felt that very strongly.  Most of my imagery is related to the heart chakra.

It is especially helpful for

a) Opening the subtle heart

I felt that with feelings of my old love and Easter (Jesus' resurrection).

b) Releasing constriction in the chest

I felt the constriction in my shoulders. I don't think it was released

c) expanding breath capacity

I noticed that

d) Enhancing enthusiasm which may be helpful with depression

I am unsure

I  noticed the air element as the most dominant but also water in the beginning with the gentle rain.

The mudra activates the circulatory and respiratory systems and I was aware of the breath and my heart beat.

I felt nostalgia in the meditation for the past. A little sadness.  Some disappointment.  But also hope.
I think Easter and all it symbols was the beginning of a spiritual experience.

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