Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kanishtha Interlocked Fingers

My next mudra exploration assignment is Kanishtha Mudra with interlocked fingers.  I know this mudra the first mudra in Amy Weintraub's Life Force Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation. So we I worked on it I didn't have a blank slate.  I had some ideas that the mudra was for energizing the root chakra.

I worked with it for 5 minutes in seated meditation here were my stream of conscious thoughts

- Downward energy
- Grounding
- Planted
- Rooted
- Wheat

- Sunflowers

- Mid West
- Bugs
- Dirt
- Leaning Forward
- My arms don't feel comfortable
- Aware of my feeet
- I feel a strong 3 part breath

When I did the other variation of the mudra these were my thoughts

- The mudra naturally wanted to be at my solar plexus  
-My left hand trembled a bit as my right hand remained strong
- The mudra wanted space between my body and my hands.  
- My breath was focused in my belly and it was very deep.  
- I felt like my pranamaya, vijnanamaya and anandamaya koshas were activated.  
- I felt warm sunlight on the front of my body and a gentle rain (maybe that was the washing machine going)
- I felt the sun at my solar plexus and of the 5 elements fire was the most activated because I felt the sun. 
On an emotional level I was warm and happy.   
- I felt like I was outside on an early summer day completely comfortable and relaxed with the sun on my face and inside of my body 
- I felt at ease and connected between then  outer sun and my inner sun.

What feels the same between these two experiences in yellow imagery and the sun.  The first time I felt warmth, sunlight and fire.  This time I saw wheat and sunflowers.  So the mudra has a warming effect on me.  But this time I felt more earth element properties like bugs and dirt and being planet. Last time I felt the mudra for at the solar plexus.   I was much less verbal and more visceral with this version of the mudra.

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