Monday, April 3, 2017

My Meditation Techniques

My meditation practice includes Mantra Chanting especially the bija mantras (KRIM, KLIM, AIM, SHRIM and HRIM). I do this mainly silently but also do them aloud.

I chant to regularly to Tara and Kali using a mala.

I do a Lunar Nitya Sadhana in which I teach, journal and write about the Lalitha and Kali Nityas.  I also do meditative moon salutations chanting names of Lalita.

I do breathwork especially coherent breathing with a chime.  My pranayama practice alternates between Chadra Ved, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Ujjayi and Bhramari.

I have studied mindfulness but that is not a technique I use at present.

I spent some time in my youth as a Nichiren Buddhist put don't do that anymore.

I also use Yantra as a meditation technique both making them and concentrating on them.

At the moment a lot of my practice has to do with Kali, chanting her names, reading poems and books about her, visiting her temples and ashrams, and writing and journaling about her.

I teach and practice Yoga Nidra although this is a pratyahara technique not meditation.

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