Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Angustha Mudra Experiential - Gesture of the Thumb

My stream of conscious thoughts while  holding Angustha Mudra

Mudra wants to be at the solar plexus or the navel but I like it best at the solar plexus

Jersey Shore

Old Italian Man who used to sit on Newport Avenue and tell me stories about the diving show

I have tears in my eyes

My grandmother's gray hair

The boardwalk 

Why am I so sad

Him in the bathroom

Stain on the sheets


Southern Tip of Africa

Tall tall sails

Long Beach-Naples Canals at Christmas


Daki Miao's hair

Walking streets of Paris with Benedikt

Lying on the bed sick in Greece

So many lies

Insight LA on Sunday morning

My right shoulder is hurting

My brother

My brother playing monopoly and throwing up the board

Answer to IYT  Questions about my experience in the Mudra

- The breath is at the chest
- Breath is going into the heart chakra
- What physical systems - respiratory, circulatory, emotional - sadness,
- Elements - air, space, water
- I felt so sad holding this mudra
- I don't know why this man who used to sit on his beach chair on my grandmother's street has effected me so much.  I am still thinking about him 40 years later.  This old italian man who used to tell me about being in the diving shows on the Atlantic City Pier.  Why is that one of the things that has stuck with my most in life?
-  There are so many symbols and images (see above)

How does my experience in the mudra compare to what is written about the mudra in the IYT manual

Core Quality is Listening:

That is very interesting because I had that memory of the man who would tell me stories about the Boardwalk Diving Shows.

Especially Helpful for

a) Receiving Inner Guidance and Expressing it clearly in the world

- This Jersey man is like my rosebud.  What am I trying to unravel.  What am I missing that he is reminding me of.  What is the guidance?  To take a dive?  To enjoy life?  To marry an Italian-American (I did that).

b) Releasing tension from the shoulders, throat and neck
- I experienced pain in the right shoulder during the meditation

c) Aligning Cervical Spine
- I don't know

d) Supporting the health of the thyroid
- I don't know

e) Enhancing Speaking and Singing
- I don't know

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