Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Kanishtha Mudra - Journaling

This morning I held Kanishtha Mudra for 20 breaths.

The mudra naturally wanted to be at my solar plexus.  My left hand trembled a bit as my right hand remained strong.  The mudra wanted space between my body and my hands.  My breath was focused in my belly and it was very deep.  I felt like my pranamaya, vijnanamaya and anandamaya koshas were activated.  I felt warm sunlight on the front of my body and a gentle rain (maybe that was the washing machine going).

 I felt the sun at my solar plexus and of the 5 elements fire was the most activated because I felt the sun.

On an emotional level I was warm and happy.   I felt like I was outside on an early summer day completely comfortable and relaxed with the sun on my face and inside of my body. I felt at ease and connected between then  outer sun and my inner sun.

When I researched the mudra in Mudras for Healing and Transformation it said that it deepens the connection to the earth (I felt more sun).  Although when I re-examine I did feel very grounded in the mudra and perhaps planted like a flower research for the sun. I didn't feel agitated like I was on fire.  I felt like I was enjoying the sunlight as I was grounded and planted.

It is good for heath of skeleton (I did feel as if I was sitting up straight).  Reduces stress and high blood pressure.  I felt very relaxed in the mudra.  The mudra book says that it expands the natural pause at the end of the exhaling breath.  I didn't notice that but I did notice my breathing was very deep.

Kanishtha means "lowest" or "youngest."  It is a very calming mudra (which I definitely experiences)  It activates muladhara chakra (I didn't really notice that but I don't reject it).  There is a downward energy (not really what I experienced.  Balances Vata and Pita.   Balances Skeletary and Eliminatory (I can't really speak to that).

The affirmation is

"Attuned to my lower body breathing, I am fully supported along my journey."

I definitely felt the breathing in my abdomen.

I will try again tomorrow.

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