Sunday, April 9, 2017

Meditation Techniques for Inability to Concentrate

Meditation on Letting go of Thoughts, Sharon Salzberg, p.54

Meditation on Thinking, Real Happiness, Sharon Salzberg, p.125

Meditation on Quieting the Inner Critic, Real Happiness Sharon Salzberg, p. 163

Experiencing Contemplation (Dharana) Through Tradaka, or Gazing, Nischal Devi, Secret Power of Yoga, p.257-258

Walking Meditation

Calmness Sadhana - Rasa Yoga - Peter Marchand

Yantra Making

Body Scan

Om Chanting

So Hum Chanting

Noticing the Breath, Culen and Pons The Mindfulness Based Emotional Balance Workbook, p.39-40

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