Thursday, April 6, 2017

My experience of Madhyama Mudra - Gesture of the Middle Finger

I am systematically working on the Hasta Mudras this week for IYT Yoga Therapy training.  Today's mudra is Madhyama Mudra.

Here were my stream of conscious throught in meditation.  I record myself and speak aloud as they came.  I don't feel it like it hurts my meditation

- Deep Ujjayi Breath
- Snow
- Hands moved above the navel and that's where they feel comfortable
- Right hand is more comfortable than the left
- Tremor is minimal
- Sensing the heart
- The heart beat feels as if it is raising or getting stronger
- The belly is activating
- Feels like dusk or dawn
- Flapping of birds wings
- Desire to deepen the breath
- Footprints
- Regular Heart beat
- Leaning Forward in the body
- Lost loves
- misopportunities
- disappointments
- things that didn't work out
- cool desert

Questions to Answer for School

Now, notice your breath. Where is the breath focused in the body and what is
the speed of the breath?

- Breath was in the belly.  It was very deep.

Which chakra is the breath being focused into and what is your experience there?

- I felt that my heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra were being focused

Which physical system seems to be most activated by the mudra?

- Respiratory, Digestive (in the belly)

Which of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air or space – seems to be
most activated?

- I felt snow so water and air for me.  There was a cool desert so maybe fire and air also.

What is occurring at the level of the mind or emotions?
- Sadness and Disappointment

Are there any spiritual experiences and how would you describe them?
- I felt separation and loneliness

Are there any images or symbols that arise as you practice this mudra?
- Snow

How does your experience compare with the description of the mudra in Mudras
for Healing and Transformation?

- In Mudras for Healing and Transformation the mudra activates the digestive system (I felt that). The element reprented by the mudra was fire (I felt more air and water),

The vayu is samana vayu (I felt the horizontal energy at the navel)

The mudra is supposed to balance giving and receiving and unfolding of all our potential.  It doesn't speak to the sadness and longing I felt in the mudra.  It says that it releases tension from the mid back.  I wasn't very aware of my back just that I was leaning forward in the position.  So some of the qualities I was able to sync up with and some I wasn't.  I had a different experience than was written in the book

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