Thursday, June 1, 2017


The ACL – One of the 4 major ligaments that provides stability to the knee joint.  It originates from deep within the notch of the distal femur.

The PCL is a front of the knee.

ACL injuries are common in people who play sports with changes in direction.  There is a twisting where knees end up going on way and feet another way. Examples: Football, Soccer.  The injury can range from partial to complete tears.

PCL injuries occur usually with direct impact that drives the tibia backward on upper thighbone (femur).  It can also happen with a sudden twist like in ACL injuries.

Recommended Therapeutic Yoga Poses for ACL injuries are:
Bridge, Bridge with Leg Lift, Warrior 2, Tree, Dandasana, Child’s Pose

ACL Treatment:
A) Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation
b) Anti-Inflammatories
C) Physical Therapy
D) Orthoscopic Surgery

PCL Treatment
A) R.I.C.E.
B) Anti-inflammatories
C) Physical Therapy
D) Quadriceps Exercises
E) Brace
F) Surgery

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