Thursday, June 29, 2017

Breathing Exercises - Ghosh Lineage

These are some amazing breathing exercise I learned in Calcutta at the Ghosh College. I am using them when I am teaching and practicing them. I made these cards on my dorm bed in Calcutta.  These breathing exercises are done first in the class or private session.  Choose 1,2 or 3 to use.
I used all of them for my Prana Vidya class a few weeks ago.

Deep Breathing - Normal
In and Out of the Nose
Arms by the side
Relaxed Stance

Abdominal Breathing
Inhale stomach rises, exhale stomach falls
press finger into navel
good for constipation

Deep Breathing - Normal
(inhalation through nose, exhalation through mouth with ha brath
Yoga Breathing
Palms Face Each other
2 sets of ten
Deep Breathing - Front
Palms Face Down the entire time
Breathing through the nose

Deep Breathing - Side
Palms Up on Inhale
Palms Down on Exhale

Deep Breathing with Chest Expansion and Calf Raises
Exhale Palms close together feet on the floor
Inhale on Tippy Toes arms wide

Standing Deep Breathing
Different from Bikram Breathing - head does not go back
Breathe in and Out of the Nose
No "Ha" Breath like in Bikram

Quick Inhalation and Exhalation
Arms can be by the side or Hands on the Belly
Breath is in the Chest
Good for Snoring

Deep Breathing with Chest Expansion
Like you are flapping the arms
Breath in and out of the nose

Checks are big when you blow out
Good for Asthma and Lung Problems
Leave room in fist for air to go through
Inhale through nose and exhale through fist

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