Thursday, June 1, 2017

Notes on “The Psychopathology of Stress”

Stress has been identified as a major cause of disease in the West

In Ayurveda, disease is called Pragya Paradh (mistake of the intellect) – mind sees itself separate from consciousness

Primordial Stress is one stressor that all imbalances can be traced back to in the Koshas


Anandamaya Kosha – bliss sheath, we first experience the self as bliss

“The only non-changing experience of life, the only experience of life that will offer fufillment, is when one functions from the purity of the Supreme Self – Anandamaya Kosha…. The Flower doesn’t need someone to smell it for it to be satisfied … From the true Self, the experience of life is embodied by the words “I love you, but it is no concern of yours.””

Vijnanamaya Kosha – discernment sheath, process of self-inquiry

Manomaya Kosha – mental sheath – connects mind and all of its distractions with the heart of the Supreme Self. Houses emotions and senses.  Gaining control of the senses is a constant theme in Ayurveda.

Pranamaya Kosha – energy sheath. Home of the breath, the life force that connects the mind with the body.

Annamaya Kosha – body sheath, making link between mind and body. “As long as the body is stressed, the fat cells will stay in storage, and the toxic chemicals as well as the toxic emotions slowly accumulate and aggravate initiating a disease process.”


The most powerful emotion of the mind is fear – fear of not being loved is the most fundamental/primordial stress


“Stress triggers a series of chemical changes that compromise the body’s downward-moving vata and lymphatic drains.”

Stress fighting hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) are degenerative and acidic


Ayurvedic prescriptions are Seasonal (ritucharya) and involve  daily (dinacharya) routines

“Each season offers the human body an opportunity for rejuvenation, detoxification and spiritual growth"

“The first goal of Ayurvedic approach to stress relief is to convince the body that life does not have to trigger a survival and emergency response with each passing day.”

Process of Self-Realization occurs once the Knower becomes aware of its Self at every level, in every kosha, the healing and restoration process begins.

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