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Variation Tarjani Mudra - Fingers Interlaced

I worked in meditation with the index finger interlaced with resistance in this variation of a Tarjani mudra. This picture shows the index fingers pointing at each other so just imagine them interlaced.  I will try to put up a picture later.

- Most comfortable with it positioned between the heart and the sternum with shoulders winging in.
- I see a Monarch butterfly making all kinds of spiraling movements

- It's hard for me to get comfortable using this mudra
- A brown bear with a fish in it's mouth.  The fish is a silver and the bear is on a stony landscape next to water.

- A ballet dancer spinning on her toes in a studio that looks like a Degas painting

- A brown bear again - grizzly bear - walking and walking with the fish in it's mouth

This is what the Mudra is supposed to be about according to the book Mudras for Transformation and Healing:

"Tarjani is the "index finger," and Tarjani mudra brings the tips of the index fingers together to direct breath, awareness and energy to the chest, heart and lungs, instilling a sense of expansion and openness. This gesture expands the rib cage on all four sides, optimizing breath capacity and releasing muscular tension from the thoracic area. The opening of the chest facilitated by this gesture supports the optimal functioning of the cardio-respiratory system. This mudra also creates a massaging effect in the area of the thymus gland, supporting the health of the immune system. Tarjani mudra activates the air element, Vayu, cultivating the qualities of lightness, gracefulness, ease and sensitivity.

This gesture also activates the upward moving current of Prana vayu, instilling a sense of enthusiasm and uplifting energy. Tarjani mudra supports the awakening of Anahata chakra, releasing energetic blockages from the chest, side ribs and upper back. This release enhances our ability to welcome feelings more easily, creating an open space in which our heart's essential qualities unfold naturally. These qualities include self-acceptance, gratitude, compassion and communion with all beings. As these qualities unfold, they naturally lead to the awakening of unconditional love, which unites all of them into a harmonious symphony."

Opening the Heart

• Opening the subtle heart.
• Releasing constriction from the chest.
• Expanding breath capacity.
• Enhancing enthusiasm, which may be helpful for depression."


Air element seems like it relates to the monarch butterfly swirling, the dancer spinning and the grizzly bear walking.  The swirling and the spinning seem like a kind of freedom or release.

This is where the Thymus Gland is on a human it seems close to wear the fish was hanging on the bear. As if the fish was pointing to the Thymus Gland.

I am not sure why the bear is walking with the fish? Where is the bear going? Here is an answer from

"The bear is a symbol for strength, courage and tenacity. . . . Being a unique animal and off wide rage, bear symbol is extremely popular in legends of many cultures around the world including those of Asian myths, North American and European. The animal is an omnivorous creature like human beings because it eats roots, nuts, honey, berries, bird’s eggs and grasses. The bear hunts for fish and both small and large game. The bear occupies the same ecological niche with man and competed for shelter in caves making the bear similar with the early man. The similarity also comes because the bears tend to stand on their hind legs like man when aggressive or when threatened.

The early man started identifying with the bear for several reasons because from the early times when men were hunters and gatherers, they respected and feared the bear and at times even worshiped it because despite being a predator, it had power, strength and was furious. In many indigenous stories, the animal was seen as a transformed human that was a close intimate of humans. The Shamans and animist believe that bear is a powerful totem or spirit and when seen in people’s dreams, the animals are seen to be the guides from the spirits. People tend to emulate the virtue of the female bear because it is admirable seeing her protect her cub and their claws and teeth are used as amulets, decorations and talismans so as to stir up the powers of the bear. Bear symbols and tattoos also tend to serve similar functions.

In addition to this, bear is a symbol of wisdom for the Lakota Sioux, spirit keeper for the Chippewa and introspection and strength. The bear has been associated with ferocity, diplomacy and healing powers. The Haida associate bear to an elder kinsman and when killed it is believed to be a high ranking guest. Many believe that as a wise creature, it gains wisdom through its winter incubation and it bears a symbol of maternal protection. It is still seen as a great warrior and the male is associated with King Arthur, it symbolizes great power under control, with claws significantly displayed on crests or on shields."

Reading this may mean to me I have taken a lot of time off of work to do all this yoga training and now I am ready to come out of the cave an eat.  I also want to share my knowledge.  Maybe that's why the bear is walking with the fish. S/he is taking it to someone.


"Keywords: Life is short. Fleeting moments. Transformation. Internal and external change. Personal change. Looking for sweetness. Herb magic. Flower magic. Celebrating beauty. Travel and migration. Moving to new places. Enjoying the journey. Outside of harmful or negative influence. Rhythm. Reincarnation. 

General Description: . . .  It is a toxic insect, notable for its bright orange, black and white colouration. . . . The monarch butterfly experiences metamorphosis, giving birth to eggs which then hatch to reveal caterpillars, which grow and weave a silk chrysalis which - over time - opens to reveal the mature butterfly. Monarchs are strong fliers and will often cluster in colder seasons in the thousands on a single branch. In Australia they are not considered a pest, though they are feral. 

Lessons and Challenges: The monarch butterfly teaches us that life is short, and that it must be valued. Assuming that we have decades of our lives left (or at the very least, years) is all well and good for things like economic planning, but it is through recognising the fleetingness of human existence that we come to value every day, even those which get us down or which are hard to appreciate. 

Monarch butterfly asks you to consciously look at what you have gained that is valuable in each day, and even to write the things that you are grateful for down. If you are in a position where you can think of nothing to be grateful for, monarch butterfly is a guide willing to open your eyes to the beauty and gift of life once more. It is through this that monarch butterfly teaches us how to look for sweetness and light in our lives. 

Have you ever had one of those moments that felt perfect? Where, despite what was going on in your life, everything seemed to come together in one fleeting moment of contentment, happiness and perfection? Monarch butterfly teaches us that all of life is made up of striving for and increasing the number of these moments that we experience, and shows us how to better value and focus on these fleeting moments. Do you remember the last time you had one? Where you were when it happened? If you can't remember one, it might be time to seek one out again through looking for enjoyable experiences. 

It is time to enjoy the journey and put aside the destination. It's not about where you will be 'tomorrow' or in a year's time, it is about valuing where you are now, even if you haven't reached your destination yet. Remember that there is as much wisdom and joy to gain on the way to an imagined or real destination, as there is at the destination itself.

.  . . Monarch butterfly indicates themes of travel and migration, even as much as moving to new places. In Australia, short-term travel is indicated, such as journeys to new places, or even taking new commutes to work or back to your home. In other parts of the world the presence of monarch butterfly asks you to genuinely consider whether you are living in the best place right now, or alternatively, if it's worth a change of scenery to get you back in touch with nature and the rhythms of the earth. 

. . . Themes of reincarnation may be present. The monarch butterfly introduces us to concepts of reincarnation and, if we are believers, asks us to invest some more time into thinking about our beliefs regarding rebirth and spiritual transformation across lifetimes. 

. . . All butterflies (and moths) teach the power of transformation, and their presence in your life can be extremely empowering. They teach people how to proactively seize their own individual opportunities for growth and metamorphosis. At this time, you have great opportunity for phenomenal internal and external changes and transformations. Monarch butterfly particularly signals a time for personal change and internal change, emphasising changes of perspective and how we perceive our place in the world and our contentment within it. 

The Shadow Aspects: Those who dislike or even fear monarch butterfly may find that they are unable to appreciate the simple things in life. They may feel that life passes them by too quickly, or they may be too cynical or unfocused to truly appreciate the small joys that find us everyday - no matter what is happening around us or to us. Monarch butterfly comes into your life to challenge you to take the time to find joy and thankfulness in your life, no matter if your health is shot, or you're so busy you rarely feel you have time to do anything at all. Make the time, or find small moments to do nothing and appreciate simply existing. Life is short, value it. 

Monarch butterfly challenges you to accept that journeys are necessary in your life. These might be literal or spiritual journeys, but they are needful. It is important that you find enjoyment in your day to day, and lifelong journeys. The fact is, life will always throw difficulty at us, but monarch butterfly tells us to take a step back from that and enjoy life. We are protected from harmful influence if we choose to accept monarch butterfly's energy. Accept travel, migration, journeying and change, they are beautiful parts of your life. 


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Butterflies, due to their very nature, tend to have quite fleeting energy and are more common as short-term guides. That said, their presence in the short-term remains profound and presents a potential for transformation, joy and growth. 

Butterfly is a gentle teacher, and will try to transmit significant lessons simply through its quiet, unassuming presence in gardens, or even if you simply happen to see one while walking somewhere or going about your business. Butterfly is not highly communicative, letting its lifestyle and way of life speak for itself. Offerings of flowers, bundles of herbs and colourful ornaments are appreciated by butterfly, but the best way to honour Monarch butterfly, I feel, is to find and seek out more joyful, perfect moments within your life."

I think I will interpret the monarch butterfly spiraling as me spiraling and sometimes regretting or question my decision to become a Yoga Therapist. Right now I am planning to go back to work instead of going to Kripalu and finish my training.  I feel burned out and disappointed. I don't know how yet to make this Yoga Therapy thing work.  I have transformed yet I cannot find my place and am ready to take a break and regroup before trying again.


Gentle raindrops
The heart beat
The color green
Green grass
Sun and wind
Easter Eggs, bunnies
Feel the earth like an egg
See the cross and the fish
A salty wind at the ocean
A black muscle with a beard
Footprints in the sand
deer, antelope and gazelle
Plains of Africa
A locket
Pushkar in India
The tube that was mailed to me with the art work inside
Figure drawing


I think the similarities between fingers touching and fingers interlocked is the fish.  Last time it was the Easter fish and this time it is a fish in the jaws of a bear.

"To see a dead fish signifies disappointment and loss of power/wealth."

This makes sense to me because I feel disappointed I can't make a living in yoga. I also feel disappointed that IYT was bought by Kripalu and I have to do all the rest of the training there.  I was also disappointed in my trip to India.  I am disappointed to myself that I was a little foolish about the Yoga Therapy.

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