Monday, June 26, 2017

Adho Merudanda Mudra

"“Adho” means downward and “Merudanda” is the axis of energy. In this mudra, the thumbs, which
represent the fire element, are extended, but they are turned downward. As a general principle, mudras that are turned downward represent the lunar principle, which is cooling, while those that are
turned upward represent the solar element, which is heating. This mudra is therefore a combination of heating and cooling elements, which stimulates the abdominal and navel areas as well as the second chakra. Its physiological focus is on the reproductive and digestive systems." - Joseph Le Page

I practiced Adho Merudanda Mudra for 10 –20 breaths as a tool to bring awareness to the lower abdominal and navel segment of my body.  I noticed the lack of tone in my stomach that is making my back work to hard.  I also noticed my tendency to lean forward and that I have a hard time sitting up straight.  My stomach felt empty and healthy besides the lack of strength.  Maybe this strength - a solar plexus issue - extends beyond my stomach to all avenues in my life where I need to develop my strength.  I have a tendency not too chew food enough and eat to fast which is hard on my stomach.  I think my stomach is asking for strength, support and care as we age together.  I have been doing some barre classes to work on this area.  Yoga Barre really shows me how weak I am in my core.  I will also go back to LaGree when I start working next week.  I promise to take care of my stomach and not ignore it like I have more so many years.

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