Monday, June 26, 2017

Adhi Mudra

"“Adhi” means foundation, which refers to its focus at the base of the body. It also means primordial, which refers to the source energy lying dormant in the base of the body and represents our latent potential for spiritual evolution. In Adhi Mudra, the thumbs, which represent the fire element, are held into the hands by the fingers, showing that the creative force is still held at the very base of the
body. Adhi Mudra, therefore, brings awareness and opening to the lower pelvis and the first two chakras. Its physiological focus is on the eliminatory system." - Joseph Le Page

I practiced Adhi Mudra for 10 – 20 breaths, bringing awareness to this lowest energetic segment of your body. I noticed the stillness and grounding of my body.  I also notice a soreness and tightness in my anus and the slight pain in the right side of my knee.  These are issues I have been experiencing lately some constipation and dehydration and some knee injury I triggered in yoga a couple of weeks ago.  I am working on my eliminatory system and strengthening the knee.  Today I am going to try to rest it because I think I have been pushing on it too hard.

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