Friday, June 30, 2017

Urdhvam Merudanda Mudra

 "In this mudra, the thumbs are turned outward in a gesture of complete openness to universal energy. The palms of the hands are turned upward where they can receive and radiate strong currents of energy through and beyond the body. These energies strongly open the breath throughout the lungs, especially the upper lungs. The circulatory system is also activated, and heart rate and circulation
are increased. The psychological focus is opening the heart in order to explore and heal all issues of love and forgiveness."

My observations:

I like this mudra a lot.  My tremor is not activated.  My spine seems to get straighter my pelvis feels like it is widening to support me seated.  My breathing became very full and grounded.  My posture felt better, the mudra invited me to roll my shoulders back and down.  My lungs expanded.  I felt like this is a good calming mudra for me supporting my breathing, my posture and my ability to ground and stay calm.  One of my favorites so far.  It is very interesting how the body wants to mirror the hands.

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