Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dirgha Pranayama without a mudra

I just completed 5 minutes of Dirga Pranayama with no mudra. I concentrated a lot on the breath moving from the belly to the ribs and then up to the collar bones.  It felt very good.  My wander a little but not terribly.  When I focused on visually the breath I really felt at one with the meditation.

Joseph Le Page on Dirgha Pranayama

In Sanskrit, dirgha means “to lengthen.” Dirgha pranayama is a basic preparatory practice that forms the foundation of healthy breathing. The three-part breath is actually a family of breaths. Depending on how the breath is performed, it will become more cooling (langhana) or energizing (brahmana).
These basic breath awareness practices should be mastered before moving on to the other pranayamas.

The first step in working with three-part breath is to develop awareness in each of the
main breathing areas.

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